Will iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone X?

Will iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone X?

Question: Will iPhone 7 cases fit the iPhone X?

Quick Answer: The simple and quick answer to this is no.

The iPhone X is a very different model of phone compared with the iPhone 7.

Answer: For starters, the screen on the iPhone X is 5.8in compared to 4.7in on the iPhone 7, making the iPhone X larger in size.

Will you need a case for the iPhone X to protect its beautiful design? We’d suggest that you should. After all, the iPhone X is all glass, and that when dropped from a height would smash into a thousand pieces, and you wouldn’t want that. As the most breakable phone Apple has ever released, you’ll want to ensure you’re covered.

The dual camera on the iPhone X is vertical compared with the horizontal camera on the iPhone 7. The iPhone X is also slightly thicker in depth, so an iPhone 7 case would be too slim. The cut-out for the camera on the iPhone 7 case would be in the wrong position for the iPhone X camera. Even the speaker cut-outs on the iPhone X are in different places.

So, with all this in mind, your iPhone 7 case will not fit the iPhone X. Make sure you treat yourself and protect your new iPhone X with a brand-new phone case.

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