What phone case should I buy?

What phone case should I buy? Find the style and type of case best suited for you with this quick guide.

Buying the perfect phone case depends on your necessity. Are you into extreme sports and therefore need solid protection? Do you want a sleek case so your phone keeps its slim profile? Or do you need extra protection for your phone’s screen? Maybe you just want to make a statement with a fashion-forward design or you need a phone case that gives longer battery life. These are just a few reasons why choosing the correct phone case is important to your need.


Rugged/Tough/Armored Cases

Rokform provide some of the most protective cases. They are constructed of high-impact polycarbonate armour with a soft inner liner that is reinforced at the corners to absorb shocks and drops. The dual layer protection exceeds military drop test standards MIL-STD 801G-516.6. They have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they stand up to hard knocks. With active people in mind, this case is great when used in a variety of sports, activities and industrial routine.

The Rokform mounting system allows you to mount your device to virtually any hard surface, including your car dash, bicycle, stroller or golf cart. You can enjoy hands-free convenience on the go. It has safe magnetic technology, which means that your device can be mounted to one of Rokform’s magnet mounts. The magnet does not affect your GPS navigation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple Pay or cell reception, so if cycling is your thing, this could help make your life easier. Some of their phone cases also have a 4-point protective front and rear guard that raises your device slightly when it’s placed on a hard surface. It helps to shield your phone from abrasive materials that can scratch, crack or shatter the screen.

These kinds of cases are ideal if you are into extreme sports, as they offer support if you were to drop your phone from height or at speed. You may spend your time on building sites where you phone is prone to dust. Rugged cases will offer the level of protection that you need to stop dust entering your phone.


Flip/Wallet Cases

If you work in an office and want a smart looking work phone case, then flip or wallet cases might be the choice for you. Krusell have many faux leather flip and wallet phone cases that could add a touch of sleekness to your style. Available in many colours, the faux leather phone cases provide your device with full protection on the rear and front. The front of the case flips over the front of your phone, meaning that the screen does not get scratched.

Many flip or wallet cases allow storage for credit cards. This is a really useful feature if you are always on the move and do not want to carry too many things. You have everything that you need in one place. Wallet cases look professional and adding a chic one to your daily style will enhance your smart attire. You need to make the decision of whether you want a plain coloured flip or wallet case or you want to push the boat out and have a patterned one. It depends on the occasion where you’re going to showcase it. If you were attending business meetings then a nice black or brown flip case would look good. If you were going on a night out and didn’t want to carry many different things around with you, then you may opt for a patterned case with plenty of card slots.


Gel/Silicon Case

If you want to protect your phone with a slim and sleek phone case, then Shocksock could be the brand for you. Offering smooth phone cases that provide the level of protection needed so that your phone does not get scratched or dented. When your phone is in these gel cases, you’ll instantly experience a sensual touch with a sophisticated look. Your phone will look super smart and retain its slim physique.

Carefully curated for a precise fit, Shocksock cases offer full body protection in a slim and bulk-free way that enhances your device’s aesthetics. The slim-fitting, low profile design provides the robust protection of a hard case and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft one. When these are combined, they create the perfect sleek phone case. A case that delivers everyday protection for your device against impacts, scratches, dirt and dust. All ports and controls are precisely cut out, giving you easy access to control the volume or charge your phone.


Functional Stand Cases

If you spend a lot of time watching videos, then purchasing a phone case with a stand might be a good choice. Terrapin provide sleek phone cases with built-in stands that become useful in many different scenarios. Perhaps you enjoy cooking and need to easily read recipes in the kitchen? The stand on the Terrapin cases provides this function and allows you to easily view videos and read recipes. It combines a high-tech look with great protection. Constructed from a blend of silicone and hard polycarbonate, it can withstand many knocks and drops of all kinds.

Their functional stand phone cases have been specifically designed for impact resistance and have exposed silicone sections built into the exterior shell, which provides extra grip and holding convenience. The main and useful feature of this phone case is the storable kickstand. It allows you to engage in hands free viewing when watching videos. You can place your phone on any surface and use the stand to watch your favourite shows, any time and anywhere. Available in numerous colours, you should find one to match your taste.


Battery/Powerbank Cases

Are you always on the go and never have time to charge your phone? You might want to think about buying a phone case with a built-in battery to charge your phone on the go. If you have an iPhone, Apple’s own battery cases are great and are slim and sleek too. If you spend a lot of your time travelling where you do not have the time to fully charge you phone’s battery, a battery case will help to extend the life of your phone’s battery if it’s put into a battery case.

Apple’s own battery case has a soft microfibre lining that helps to protect your device whilst the outside is soft to touch silicone, giving a matte effect. It makes your phone appear slim so you can still easily put it in your pocket if needed. Battery cases are good to have if you are planning a journey where you won’t have the opportunity to charge your phone. The battery case keeps your phone’s battery topped up.


DesignerStylish Cases

Do you want to make a statement with your phone case? Do you like to accessorise your phone to match your outfit? Perhaps you switch your phone case from day to evening. All are valid reasons as to why you need to get yourself a designer phone case to protect your phone. Case-Mate offer a variety of colours and designs for all occasions. Give your phone the protection it needs during a day in the office with a professional looking phone case. This can change when the evening comes, as you can swap the phone case for a louder and decorative case.

Case-Mate have simple and plain coloured phone cases as well as pretty patterns that please the eye. The choice is yours and depends on your taste and style. Their modest phone cases are great for work attire and can add a pop of colour to your day. Providing sleek protection, the Case-Mate phone cases are slim fitting and do not add extra bulk to your device. All cases protect your phone from drops, falls, bumps and scratches. They also offer some fabulous designs that include real life flowers that are pressed and put into the phone case, which make them very unique. These are perfect if you are looking to add colour to your outfit or you want to make your phone a staple part of your daily style. A fantastic and colourful design will help you achieve this.


Waterproof/Dustproof Cases

If you spend a lot of time near or in water, then a waterproof phone case is probably your best option. Do you want to give your phone the solid protection it needs but also ensure that it is shielded from water? LifeProof is a brand that offers great waterproof phone cases, as well as others such as dirt and snow proof. To ensure that your device is protected from water, the cases have a waterproof seal around the phone that means water cannot enter.

If you are into water sports and extreme activities, protecting your phone with a waterproof case means that you don’t need to worry. You know that your phone is shielded and you can continue your activities. Do you enjoy fishing perhaps but you’re worried that your phone might end up in the water? No need. A waterproof case would defend your phone in this instance. If you enjoy swimming or diving, then get yourself a waterproof phone case.