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UAG – An Armoured Solution arrives at Case Hut

Case Hut are proud to announce the arrival of the tough case brand UAG (Urban Armor Gear) to Case Hut’s great selection of Smartphone cases. 

UAG are renowned in the case industry for producing extremely tough and durable casing solutions for the Smartphone and tablet market.

We are stocking UAG cases for Apple iPhone 6 & 7 including the Plus size models, the New Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus, Google Pixel & Pixel XL, the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface Tablets.

UAG Cases go through stringent testing conditions including dropping the case and phone from 4 feet a total of 26 times. The phone and case must sustain 0 damage for the case to be released.

Whilst it doesn’t guarantee a non-breakage on a drop, you drastically improve your chances of phone screen survival if your phone is wearing a UAG Case.


You can check out the range of UAG cases by clicking the button below.



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