The Phone Case That Acts As An AirBag Designed By Student

Introducing the world’s first Airbag Phone Case design

A German student has patented the world’s first “Air Bag” phone case prototype. Philip Frenzel’s unique design uses sensor embedded in the case that detect when the phone is falling. Whilst in free fall, metal prongs deploy from each of the corners on the case to create a spring board like effect. Afterwards, the prongs can be rotated back into the case which resets it.

The early design is still in the testing phase and the young german hopes to utilise the power of crowd funding to get his case into the masses hands. Expect a Kickstarter campaign in the near future.

As for the revolutionary design, this case design should decrease the number of device repairs required and also cracked screens. The case doesn’t actually use an air bag of sought to if the surface isn’t flat, there is still a possibility the phone could get damaged. It is certainly a huge improvement however and with its minimal bulk aspects, it could prove to be a market leader.