1. Liquid-like Glass finish
    HTC call their new look the ‘liquid glass effect’ which has given us the new, beautifully contoured, liquid like surface of this model. To achieve this look, HTC developed an entirely new process where colors bond to the glass in multiple layers to reflect light thus adding brilliance and depth from every angle. The glass is then moulded evenly around the sides and edges, using extreme pressure and heat to mimic the natural surface tension of liquid. The surface is then manipulated to create a perfect blend between metal and glass.

  1. Dual Displays
    Although not new to market, the U Ultra has a secondary display screen situated just above its primary screen. Used as shortcut or gateway to the new HTC Sense Companion Assistant (LEARN MORE). It displays contacts so you can quickly call or text them as well as being completely customizable making this a great addition to the handset. 
  2. Its Size
    In case you didn’t already realise, this smartphone is genuinely huge. The 5.7inch U Ultra is the tiniest bit smaller in width than the Nexus 6 but it is taller than Google’s phone from 2 years ago. The handset is also Bigger than the LG V20 and the iPhone 7 Plus (which is smaller that the V20 for those who don’t know). 
  3. No headphone jack
    Following Apple, the U Ultra has also said ‘bye’ to the 3.5mm headphone jack. 
  4. Expandable storage
    You can insert a microSD card to increase storage size up to 2TB. Meaning you can easily extend your storage!!
  5. Super wide selfie camera
    Group selfies have never been easier with the HTC selfie Panorama feature. There is also a built in ‘auto selfie’ sensor which will take a selfie for you when you keep still or smile!
  6. Release Date
    Flagship release date is March 2017 and the phone is priced at $750 or around £622. You can pre-order this handset now but delivery’s will begin in March!

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