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19th July 2018

Faster wireless Charging capabilities for the new generation iPhones.

Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities believes that Apple will upgrade from 5V 2A to 9V 2A and 5V 3A charging circuitry in the upcoming iPhone generations. Their interest in doing so is to “support more applications, provide a quicker recharge, and better compete with Android OEMs.



Supply chain Report 06 July 2018

According to a recent supply chain report, Apple is going to be releasing an updated iPhone X with a 5.8′ screen. This will also present a new lower price point at around the $849 mark. A larger iPhone X Plus with a 6.5′ screen will be introduced and take the place of the current iPhone X price point of $999. Apple is then said to be releasing a New Generation iPhone which will utilise Face ID and come in an array of colours including Space Grey, White, Blue, Red & Orange. This will sit at a lower price point at around the $699 mark.


New iPhone X – $849
New iPhone X Plus – $999
New iPhone (5 Colours) – $699



Apple is expected to release a new model this year to follow on from the flagship Apple iPhone X. Below we have a round up of what to expect, what has been rumoured and when it is likely to land. We have also managed to get our hands on the first iPhone X Plus Cases, their form factor and dimensions to further bolster the expected device.



The 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus is set to release alongside a 6.1-inch iPhone and a second generation upgraded 5.8-inch iPhone X.


iPhone X Plus 2018


Model Names?

Quite a few have sprung up so far. Obvious choices are “iPhone X Plus” & “iPhone X (2nd Generation)”. Rumours that Apple could utilise the “S” for a more compact X could also be a possibility. “iPhone 9” is unlikely and for some reason “iPhone 11” or “iPhone XI” just don’t seem like Apple possibilities.



Rumoured for Late September 2018


What we know

With this rumoured model of the iPhone X Plus, Apple will be reacting to the consumers reception of the 1st Gen iPhone X. We can expect a revised iPhone X with a lower price point, the usual bump in specs and possibly some design enhancements but more often that not, it will assume the same form.

This is all justified by Apple bringing in a newer, more feature packed and of course, larger device. The iPhone X Plus will incorporate a larger 6.5 inch screen rendering it Apple’s largest Smartphone to date.




With the current iPhone X coming in at $999, with usual pricing strategies from Apple, we can expect a newer plus model to come in at around the same price of perhaps pushing the $1099 mark. This would put the current X (should they keep it on) to around the $799-$899 mark.



So far, the bulk of the rumours are surrounding a “Plus” model with larger screen, a bump in specs and capacity, possibly a higher retina screen and a fresh OS version which has already been announced.

An “S” version has been doing the rounds taking on a similar factor to the iPhone SE but this seems a bit farfetched considering Apple’s effort to fly the flag for their X version.

3 Cameras on a plus model is a real possibility to assist with Apple’s push in to AR. Apple is really embracing AR because their App store would be the main beneficiary.

Face ID. Apple will be looking to eliminate the Touch ID from it’s lineup with the success of the Face ID on the X and their introduction of a more robust Face ID application in the upcoming OS including horizontal support. 

Apple Pencil Support. The iPhone X lends its features towards that of the Apple iPad Pro. Whilst the rumour mill is turning on this one, we can’t see it being particularly noteworthy. A 6.5 inch screen would certainly enable the use of a Pencil more so than the current Smartphone lineup but who would actually use it?


First Look at Cases

With our connections to China, we have managed to get a first look at the proposed iPhone X Plus in the form of a gel case. These originate from specs that allegedly come close from Apple which allow accessory manufacturers to start to prepare tooling and designs for upcoming devices.



As you can see, the camera retains it’s vertical position which has become the iconic aesthetic of the iPhone X.

The camera’s length appears to be in proportion to that of the existing iPhone X suggesting no change there. It is possible that the cameras have been improved for AR without the need for a third lens.

The increase in length of the device is clear with the Plus iteration making the current X appear somewhat stumpy in form factor.



The bottom of the case shows the cutouts for charger port and speakers which adopt the same layout as the current iPhone X. What is apparent here is a slight increase in width with the speaker and charger port spaced out more so than the current X.

Overall these first release case shots show a larger form factor “iPhone X Plus” utilising the same layout and format of the current iPhone X. 


Round Up


What we do know is there will be a new model. Fingers point to an upgraded “Plus” version with a 6.5″ screen and 3 cameras for robust AR support.

A 6.1″ version could sit in the middle with a similar format to the current X and some bumps on specs.

The possibility of a cheaper, lightweight X sitting around the iPhone SE mark to adopt the Face ID mechanism and do away with all buttons on the front of iPhones for the range.


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