Terrapin have always been ahead of the game with their case offerings for new handsets and the latest handset from Samsung confirms this. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 UK release date suggested to be the 21st April this may come as little surprise for most case manufacturers. It is still unclear if this is just Samsung being over cautious when comparing to the Note 7 launch. There is still huge excitement around the latest Samsung release and the UK television has been filled with Samsung showing they are all about quality.


Samsung Galaxy S8 UK release


The range from Terrapin will continue with their theme of being amongst the market leaders in folios, slim back cases and rugged cases for both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus. Their practical business cases, floral fashion folio cases and high quality slim line cases will continue to provide a reliable option to Galaxy S8 users. Like many tempered glass suppliers their S8 and S8 Plus tempered glass solutions will be manufactured to the curve edge. Their manufacturing manager informed us that they have seen the issues with the tempered glass that covers the edge completely and there is yet to be a solution that doesn’t see issues with usability.


We received the samples as shown in the picture below and they have always had accurate samples for the launch of a new smartphone. This matches what we have seen from the news circulating around MWC. There will continue to be huge excitement around the Samsung launch but Terrapin were also keen to inform us of their launches around Huawei P10 and LG G6 amongst other although they were less enthused about the need for Nokia 3310 cases. Having been in existence since the original Nokia 3310 they have huge experience in knowing what sells and they are not expecting the huge volumes of novelty cases that existed with the original ground breaking handset.

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