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New Brand: UP ROSA

‘Created by Cambridge & Oxford graduates with a passion for science & technology, our mission is to translate these breakthrough discoveries into new & exciting scientific imagery-based products.Collaborating with top institutions from all over the world, we create products on the basis of researchers’ stunning scientific images and share our profits with them. Each product tells its own story, explaining and honouring the work of talented scientists and the impact they will cause.’

We are seriously upping our case game with these exciting new cases from UP ROSA. Their collection isn’t just great to look at, it’s also scientific! The clever concept behind these cases is what makes them so special.

The designs are images taken under the microscope, blown up and printed onto these Snap-On cases. Each scientist submits their images and then UPROSA turn them into these wonderful cases to help keep your life colourful and your phone protected!

Here are our Top 3 UPROSA picks for you to look at!

  1. Shattered River

This case is an image looking at Sulphur through a polarizing filter. The vivid colour is striking and reminds us of the ocean and the little flecks look like gold leaf. This beautiful case is easily one of our favourites.

  1. Skinny Peacock in Pink

This vibrant case shows the outermost layers of our skin! Who knew that under the microscope skin could look so beautiful! The movement in the image and the pops of purple and fuchsia make this a bold piece of protection that’s sure to get plenty of compliments!

  1. Graphene Matrix

Graphene Matrix shows the microstructure of graphene. The colour is bold and vibrant and we love how it looks as though it sparkles! (Although it does not in fact sparkle we still love this case!)

To shop the UPROSA collection for iPhone 6 (Samsung S7 coming soon)
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Happy Case Hunting!