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Tips & Tricks For Saving Your Smartphones Battery Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm with a UK release imminent over the next few days. The brainchild of Niantic and a collaboration with The Pokemon Company has bridged virtual gaming with real world application.

The game which now takes you outside is a hungry one. Not only does it munch through your data for GPS & Mapping purposes (that’s not a problem if you’re on unlimited data) but it also eats battery for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take a look at the evidence:

Pokemon Go on Battery Use

So we have comprised this quick article to help you out so you can give yourself the most time to catch ’em all.


1. Manage Consumption

First things first, minimise the consumption on your phone as maximum as possible. That means closing apps you don’t need and ensuring background app refresh is off in the iPhones Settings. This is also because Pokemon Go requires GPS which is heavy on Battery so any other Apps using it is will be unnecessary resource usage.

Another given is the glaring screen brightness. You may be outside in the sun but just jump in some shade if you are struggling and put the levels to a max of 10%. Disable any Bluetooth, you don’t need it.


2. Enable Pokemon Go’s Battery Saver Mode

These are settings unique to the Pokemon Go app. 

On the Pokemon Go app, tap the “Setting” button top right of the screen.

Scroll down the menu until you see ‘Battery Saver’. Tap it to enable it. You can then turn your phone upside down, which will dim the screen. Turning off sound effects, music and vibration will also save precious battery life.



3. Use Offline Google Maps

Pokémon Go uses Google Maps to display world data to your smartphone. If you are downloading these on the go then it will be a large battery and data consumer.

The solution is to save a portion of the map you are going to explore offline.

Google Maps offline for Pokemon Go

To do this, open up the standalone Google Maps app, select the menu for settings (those 3 lines) and tap on ‘Offline areas’.

Press the ‘+’ icon then use the map to drawn a square of the area you want to download and tap on ‘Download’. You don’t need to go crazy as you will be walking it after all!


4. Power Bank

Once you have done everything possible on your phone to preserve battery life, it is still ultimately going to run out. Unfortunately the world isn’t filled with free charging ports but you can easily overcome this by having your own portable version!

If you weren’t aware, you can now purchase Power Banks for all Smartphones (Specific & Universal) which will charge your Phones Battery and keep them topped up.

Even better, you could buy 2 or 3 or as many as you want, need, can afford, will use whilst playing Pokemon Go. 1 should be enough though…

Power banks for Pokemon Go

You can check out our range of Power Banks here. We recommend the Tylt power bank range and for maximum Pokemon Go playing time, get the 10K version which is currently less than half price!