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Otterbox vs. Griffin

Here at Case Hut we want to be able to offer the best protection on the market for your smartphone. Two of the most popular brands for rugged cases are Otterbox and Griffin so here is a breakdown of what to expect from the Otterbox Defender and the Griffin Survivor to help you decide which is best for you!

Both cases offer a similar type of protection, so you can expect the following:

– Smooth edges giving minimal bulk and making it easy to fit in a pocket.

– Non slip grip, meaning that even though the smooth exterior makes it easier to move in and out of a pocket, you won’t find it hard to keep hold of your device.

– A rugged multi-layer design to help absorb impact.

– A lightweight shell and inclusive screen protection.

Both cases have also been drop tested onto concrete to ensure that upon impact your case and phone will remain intact. 

All round protection from both will also prevent damage from scratches, dust, sand and rain water to ensure the device is as protected as possible.




 Claims to be

offer maximum defence with a minimal profile

– to have been subjected to over 31 tests
– absorbs impact from everyday and extreme abuse



The design is nice and slim, less bulky than the Griffin but ever so slightly. The shell is still lightweight and covers the whole phone to ensure no damage to the body of the phone. 

Shop Otterbox cases here



 Claims to be

– offer maximum defence with a minimal profile

– to have been subjected to over 31 tests

– absorbs impact from everyday and extreme abuse




– the slimline design means the phone isn’t overly bulky and still feels light and sturdy. As it covers all of the phone it definitely offers protection from dust and scratches. 


Even though the cases are of similar specifications, some customers will naturally favour one brand over another.


 Shop the Griffin collection here

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Are you ready for the iPhone 7?

 At Case Hut, because #wecareaboutcases, we have been working hard to get some of the most popular brands new designs ready for our site in time for the iPhone 7 Launch

A purported leaked image of the next generation of Apple's iPhone

Image: The Telegraph

We have carefully combed through hundreds of designs and brands to whittle it down to a perfect variety from the very best and we are pleased to announce that we are ready to go!!

We already have UPROSA, Terrapin and Shocksock readily available (Click HERE to view the collection) for the iPhone 7 and we are soon to have stock from customer favourites; Otterbox, Moshi, Rokform, Griffin and more.

Alongside some of the industry’s top brands we are introducing the ever popular Johanna Basford into the fold with her new colouring cases – which have stemmed from her hugely popular grown-up colouring books. 

We are also favouring our best selling Zero Gravity for the fashion sector who are bringing us some smoking hot new designs all the way from Los Angeles!

There have been plenty of rumours surrounding the new iPhone 7 and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us during tomorrow’s announcement.

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