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Nintendo x Apple : Super Mario for iPhone

Everyone’s favourite plumber is coming to iOS! Here is a run through of when the game will be available and what to expect…

On the 7th September Apple held the iPhone 7 launch and alongside the unveiling of their new devices they surprised us by bringing Shigeru Miyamoto – the creator of legends such as Super Mario and Zelda – onto the stage to announce the game. During the keynote he said 

“We have created Super Mario Run to be perfect for playing on your iPhone, Super Mario has evolved whenever he has encountered a new platform, and for the first time ever, players will be able to enjoy a full-fledged Super Mario game with just one hand, giving them the freedom to play while riding the subway or my favourite, eating a hamburger.”

Nintendo has kept Super Mario off of mobile devices, other than their own handheld consoles, making this a very exciting release in the gaming world! The game is called Super Mario Run and it is set to be released onto the App Store in December this year. Since it was said to be ‘around the holiday period’ we can guess it will be out just before Christmas!

The best way to keep on top of when this game will be available is to go to your App Store, search Super Mario Run and hit the NOTIFY button which is in place of the GET button for the time being.

Here is the excerpt from the gameplay description in the App Store to give you a low-down on what to expect:

“In this game, you constantly move forward through the courses while using a variety of jumps to navigate. Your character will behave differently depending on the timing of your taps, so it’s up to you to show off particularly smooth moves, gather coins, and reach the goal.”


Super Mario Run Game Modes:
There are 3 different modes to play in on Super Mario Run.
1. Standard mode – in which you try your best to complete all the various levels.
2.  A second mode – in which you compete against the play data of other people’s completed levels
3. Lastly is the third mode – in which you create your own Mushroom Kingdom using coins collected in the course of playing the first two modes. This last mode is still a little on the mysterious side so we can’t wait to play and see what it has in store!