This Is How You Delete A Text Message AFTER You’ve Sent It – Privates!!

There is FINALLY a way to delete a message you’ve accidentally said from the recipient’s phone before they’ve read it! I’m sure most of us have those moments where we regret sending a text, but worry no more, there is now an App to help us all redeem ourselves…Privates acts as your own personal (don’t worry, […]

Competition time!

Get yourself in with the chance of winning a year’s supply of phone cases from Case Hut! Case Hut – Win a YEARS SUPPLY of Cases The more times you enter the more times your name will be added to the draw, which means your odds of winning increase! There are Terms and Conditions of […]

Rumour Has It… The iPhone 7

You have probably heard that Apple are releasing the new iPhone 7 later this year and as always there are plenty of rumours circulating online about what we should expect from their latest model. Below we take a look at 5 of these rumours and share our thoughts. Rumour 1.  The Release Date. The first rumour to be […]

Apple’s New iPhone SE

One of the year’s most highly anticipated tech releases was the arrival of Apple’s new iPhone SE (Special Edition). Apple went backwards instead of forwards on the design of this phone and kept the original 5/5s shell. This means that the new iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen again and is less slim-line than their […]