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Porsche x Huawei for the Mate 9

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The new Huawei Mate 9, designed in collaboration with Porsche, is the latest high end offering from the emerging handset manufacturer. Having already seen the popularity of our case offerings for Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW it’s great to see another major car manufacturer taking interest in the handset market.

The two also took their time, so as to come up with a product that was a real joint effort, not just one company’s phone with another’s logo. “We really tried to have a real collaboration,” Huawei’s design boss says. They have been keen to go with the smaller 5.5” display, which they suggest makes the phone more unisex – although Apple’s iPhone Plus has been sought after by both genders.

Porsche has long been synonymous with amazing design and with their attention to detail this latest luxury high-performance handset should be popular with fans of Porsche and those aware of Huawei’s rise in reputation.

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We are yet to know if Porsche themselves will be designing their own range of accessories for the handset. There is a growing trend amongst the high end car manufacturers to add that seamless transition from your car to your handset. The pride drivers have in their cars is being carried further into their day to day movements.

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The collaboration between Porsche and Huawei has not gone unnoticed by case manufacturer Terrapin who have a new range of cases arriving in late November 2016. Following on from their popular designs for other Huawei devices the case manufacturer is offering a compelling range of accessories for the new device. Terrapin have targeted the same market of customers who want high quality at reasonable prices so it will be interesting to see the take up on the higher end specs.

With the ambitions of Huawei in the UK & European market we’re excited to see more innovation enter the market.