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iPhone 8 Rumours!

Even though the iPhone 7 has only just been released, we are hearing talk around what we should expect to see from the iPhone 8 next year!! As this is Apple’s 10 year anniversary device – people are expecting great things!

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1. Release Date

Now we can’t confirm this just yet, but going on past experience we should expect to see the new iPhone in September 2017! However, being the 10th Anniversary, Apple might mix things up a bit to keep us guessing!

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2. Features

If Apple does indeed do something special for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, which seems likely based on iPhone 7 rumours, the iPhone 8 will be one which fans will no doubt want to upgrade to on launch day. Could we see the biggest queues ever?

 Here is a list of the expected changes to expect:

  • All-glass design
  • Wireless charging
  • OLED/AMOLED display
  • 5.8-inch screen
  • A11 chip
  • Intel 7360 LTE modem
  • iOS 11 software
  • No home button

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3. Price

We can’t be sure how much the new iPhone will cost but we think it will be around the £550 mark

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Innovative Nano Technology Liquid Screen Protection – What You Need To Know

Protective cases for smartphones and tablets have evolved over the last 20 or so years to protect the user damaging their prized possessions. The evolution of handsets and tablets in the turn of the century has triggered changes in even basic leather cases to include inbuilt plastic screens for easier access. Whether for fashion or functionality, finding a protective solution is often essential to modern life which has begun revolving around our technology.

Moshi Sensecover with easy access feature

Different types of screen protection are becoming more of a common sight in today’s markets. From the early innovation of total waterproofing in the form  of Liquipel, which was in many ways prohibitive due to costs, we now see many more companies try and fail to break the boundaries with liquid screen protection.

From big retailers through to freelance bloggers, we have seen a reluctance to believe that applying a liquid to a screen will add protection. This form of screen protection is viewed with the “Emperor’s new clothes” concept; because you can’t see it, it isn’t there. This issue was not helped with a company recently being prosecuted for supplying consumers with water-laden cloths in a false promotion of liquid Nano technology. We have seen companies try to prove the strength of their Nano technology by hitting the screen of a liquid protected device with a hammer; which has unfortunately lead to many having  false expectation of the solution.

With all of the above in mind, we have tested and looked at a number of products in the market over the last 4 years and now  seems like it is the right time for these products to break through. The growth of wearable tech; such as the Apple Watch and the evolution in handsets like the Huawei P9, Samsung Edge series and latest iPhone iterations means this protective technology can now take prominence.

 Curved screen protection

The biggest factor we see contributing to the rise of Nano technology liquid screen protection is the move to curved screens by manufacturers. We saw the benefits of tempered glass, over the previously popular choice of film due to fewer bubbles with application and more protection.

However, we did see a number of complaints arise as customers saw that there was not a suitable tempered glass solution for curved screens. The glass either didn’t cover the whole screen or managed to do so clumsily. Whilst some manufactured curved tempered glass solutions, the manufacturing costs of around £10 a unit meant the product was not adopted by many the traditional sales platforms. 

 There was also a lack of functionality in some of these products with some leading to the corners of the screen becoming unresponsive; although often due to how the customer had applied them, but nevertheless a factor that prevented mainstream adoption. In other solutions the raised edge over the curve meant the glass protectors caught on clothing, pockets or material and lifted the protector from the screen. Screen film was a non-starter as it again couldn’t cater for the curvature. 

 Proven Liquid Nano Technology Protection

When speaking with a large retailer earlier this year we saw that they were adverse to the idea of a liquid protection solution without certification. The bigger players in the market such as WowFixIt or Sharkproof* are able to backup their claims of protection and are starting to dominate the space. WowfixIt is backed by TUV testing reports that prove their claims for protective and hygienic protection. 


 We expect more companies to enter the space as we see liquid protection develop in other sectors such as roofing, patios, sunglasses, watches and car manufacturing. In our opinion, it will be a space that quickly becomes very crowded with formulas for protection specific to each sector and no doubt some of the bigger chemical companies will be entering the main stream.

Things to look out for in Nano Liquid Screen Protection

Some key factors to consider and be aware of when looking at Liquid Screen Protection:

Drying time – this is the time it takes for the application of liquid to actually dry on the screen

Buffering time – how long it takes to polish the liquid. We have some claim up to 5 days which whilst offering substantial protection also seems too long opposed to 15 minutes with other solutions

Hygiene – many claim to provide hygienic protection, although for the most part they cannot provide the correct documentation to support their claims

Hardness – We saw one brand claim their formula would provide up to 5000x the hardness of a normal device screen; an unfounded claim that has since been removed from their packaging.

Anti-radiation – Again we see some brands claim this and yet we have only seen one company back this up with certification.


….Still be cautious with Nano Technology Liquid Screen Protection

 What maybe hasn’t helped some of the solution providers is demonstrating the products and some of the claims being made. We have seen some brands make ridiculously large claims of extra strengthening, for example; advertising that you can hit the product with a hammer is great marketing in some respects but unfortunately leads a consumer to believe that the smartphone or tablet can endure a severe hammering. If you drop your handset on the corner it is likely to break the screen regardless of what type of protection may have been applied, bar a bulkier solution like cases from Otterbox, Rokform or Lifeproof. A correct Nano liquid protection solution for smartphones and tablets will help protect from knocks and everyday wear and tear to your screen, but it is not a 100% protective solution.

 Another factor to be aware of that seems to be swaying customers reaction is the screen quality in the first place. We spoke to one leading repair firm in the UK who have been selling the liquid protection in store and they highlighted that where some phones have been repaired elsewhere using cheaper, thinner glass replacement solutions meant the liquid had less protective impact, as would film or tempered glass solutions.

We know there are solutions that work and we are keen to see how this part of the device protection market develops.

 Tempted to try Liquid Screen Protection for yourself?

We stock Sharkproof on our site – click here 


Seen a brand that you think we should be aware of?
Contact us at


 *according to documentation provided to us by the brands


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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Johanna Basford Case

Johanna Basford OBE is a Scottish illustrator. Her illustrations are hand-drawn, predominantly in black and white, with pencils and pens. Basford’s works can be found in products such as coloring books, wallpaper, beer labels, and even tattoos and now even cases for your iPhone and iPad!! Here are a few reasons why we think you NEED to buy one of her cases…

  1. Colouring has been said to be therapeutic

    The inability to focus has been closely linked to anxiety and stress. When colouring in you can focus your mind, make decisions (albeit small ones such as ‘what colour should I make this flower?’) and channel negative energy into something enjoyable, thus turning it into positivity.

  2. It helps you to express your individuality

    The way in which we colour and the colour schemes we use are a representation of the individual and their personal taste. Someone who may love to colour only in grayscale using a pencil will likely be different in personality to someone who colours in bold bright colours using a felt tip pen. Why not clear your mind, grab some colouring tools and express yourself?!

  3. They make great gifts for the holiday season

Over the Christmas period, (Christmas is only 93 days away!!), it can be hard to find gifts for everyone. These cases are suited to younger and older generations. For younger kids it gets them off their tablets/smartphones and actually getting creative and for the older generation it can do the same or just provide a little ‘me’ time in between busy schedules.

  1. They will protect your iPhone/iPad too!

Not only are these cases good fun to colour in and a great way to do all of the above, they will also keep your device protected! The case comes in two part – The gel bumper and the solid plastic backing. The gel bumper has a lip on it that sits just above the screen to help protect the phone when dropped. The clear back is rigid and a great way to keep scratches and dents off the back too.

  1. If you get bored of having a colourful phone, you can simply remove the inserts and enjoy a clear, protective case instead!

 With the new iPhone 7 launching in glossy Jet Black a lot of people will want to show it off while its being protected. This case is a great way to do just that and be able to change it up with some colour if you feel like it!

  1. It has some really sexy gold accents

    The gold accents on this case really set it off (especially against a black iPhone 7!) Not only are these cases therapeutic, expressive, protective and gift worthy, they are also simply really nice!!!

If you fancy yourself one of these for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7, iPad Mini 4 or the iPad Air 2 click below and see just how fab they are for yourself!!