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Top 5 Cases to cover & protect your Huawei P9

We have created this quick guide to help you find the suitable case/cover for your shiny new Huawei P9.

The phone case market is extremely large and bloated so Case Hut strives to ease this for you by helping you select the right case for your needs from a brilliant selection.

When choosing a case or cover for your Huawei P9, you should consider how you use it in your daily routine as well as accessibility. Phone cases can add bulk and some offer more protection than offers. Sometimes you just want a case that looks good as well.


Case Option #1 

Call Candy Series for Huawei P9 (£10)

Call Candy for Huawei P9

Call Candy is a great brand offering brilliant trending designs for the Huawei P9. Similar to Skinny Dip and Casetify however the aforementioned don’t currently cater to the Huawei P9. The Call Candy designs are sleek, fun and bring colour to your Huawei P9. Be sure to check out all the designs to find the one that suits you.


Case Option #2

Terrapin TPU Gel case for Huawei P9 (£8)


Terrapin Gel Case for Huawei P9

Sometimes you just need a simple gel case. The TPU rubber offers all round protection protecting the sides and also slightly raises the screen from a surface if face down. Available in a range of colours and coupled with a screen protector will give a front line defence in wear & tear.


Case Option #3

Hybrid Rubberised Case for Huawei P9 (£10)


Hybrid Case for Huawei P9

A simple snap on case available in a range of colours. This case will protect the back of your Huawei P9 from scratches. This case is a great option for keeping your Huawei P9’s profile slim in the pocket.


Case Option #4

Shocksock Neoprene Pouch case for Huawei P9 (£10)


Shocksock Neoprene Case for Huawei P9

Are you an adventurous one? If you find yourself in the outdoors trekking, camping, hiking, biking or skydiving then this might be the option for your Huawei P9. The Shocksock neoprene case comes with a carabineer so you can secure the phone. The neoprene cover acts like a shock absorber further safeguarding the phone.


Case Option #5

Terrapin Dual Layered Armour Case for Huawei P9 (£10)


Armour Case for Huawei P9

This full body armour case combines a sleek high-tech look with great protection. Constructed from a combination of silicone and hard polycarbonate it can withstand knocks and drops. Designed specifically for impact resistance, this case has exposed silicone sections built into the exterior shell providing extra grip for your Huawei P9.


We have a wide selection of Cases and Accessories for the Huawei P9. You can view the collection here.