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4 Case & Cover options for the HTC One M9

If you have just bought an HTC One M9, chances are you are reading this because you are after a case.

With a vast amount of cases available, it can seem quite daunting. We have decided to make life a little easier for you by selecting 4 of the best options that should cover most scenarios.

When selecting a case for your HTC One M9, you should take into account how you use it on a daily basis, accessibility, bulk and protection. You also may want it to look good right?


Option #1

Hybrid Rubberised Case for the HTC One M9 (£10)


A simple snap on case available in multiple colours. This case will protect the back of the phone from scratches. To protect the front, simply add a screen protector. This case is a great option for keeping the phone slim in the pocket. If you are a “dropper” then we suggest something a little more robust which brings us on to our next option.


Option #2

Rugged Tough Case for the HTC One M9 (£10)

Rugged Case for HTC One M9

This is more robust solution to protecting your HTC phone. The case has a gel insert which “wraps” the phone and then there is a hard shell like exterior to further protect the phone. The gel insert acts as a shock absorber with the shell case also doubling up as stand. Although not as sleek at the Hybrid Rubbersied case, the Rugged tough case is designed to do one job… safeguard your HTC One M9


Option #3

Faux Leather Wallet Case for the HTC One M9 (£15)

 Faux leather Case for HTC One M9

Its simple, its classic, its universally appealing. This HTC One M9 case is designed with a plastic housing bracket to keep your phone secure and also provides a wallet design access.

The phone case is slim and sleek so bulk is kept to a minimum. The wallet case also provides all round protection for your HTC One M9 and is available in a range of colours.



Option #4

Genuine Leather Wallet Case for the HTC One M9 (£20)

Genuine Leather Case for HTC One M9 

This has to be our favourite. Sometimes you just cant beat a genuine leather case for your phone and this offering from Terrapin provides that. The Leather Wallet case is a classic design but is also very functional. This HTC One M9 Case can also double up as a wallet with its credit card inserts and slot for cash.


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