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Re-launch of the Nokia 3310 – Could it be true?

It’s been 17 years since the launch of the Nokia 3310, which took the whole mobile industry by storm! And how it has changed since that time with the growth of smartphones.

Amazingly it was recently leaked on the Web that among Nokia’s new smartphone range, they will be launching a new 3310 at Mobile World Congress on February 26th 2017. 

Compared to its first launch where it cost about £29.99 with a Vodafone contract or £129.99 on PAYG. Now it will cost around £50 (around €59).


We will have to wait and see whether we’ll get the exact same phone (which we doubt) or it’s going to feature some new functionality (it’ll have to as the nostalgia of the ‘classic’ will not be enough to compete). Is this Nokia trying to create more hype and noise to simply to stand out from all the other smartphone manufacturers that will be at Mobile World Congress this month.

Originally Nokia’s market share started to decrease when they struggled to keep up with manufacturers developing touch screen technology & devices. The Nokia 3310’s amazing battery life, robust shell and not forgetting the addictive game ‘Snake’ then became less important to users.



Case Hut is excited to see what is actually released by Nokia in response to all other manufacturers. We say Good Luck 3310.