Terrapin are usually first to market for new model launches by all the major mobile device manufactures. We were happy to hear some good news about the new Sony mobile phone release coming in April this year.

Often the likes of Samsung, Nokia and Sony have multiple products launch each year – many more then Apple. Device names can become very confusing – believe us we know by hearing and helping our customers. Many online customers purchase the incorrect case for their device and we sometimes direct consumers to GSM Arena to ensure they check which device they actually have.

With Sony this year releasing the new Xperia XZs on the 5th April 2017 – immediately we saw how there could be confusion between the new and old version! In this instance luckily Sony have decided to keep the product dimensions exactly the same. Not just the size, but all ports and camera locations will remain in the same position.

Q: Will Sony Xperia XZ cases will fit the Sony Xperia XZs?

A: Yes. Sony Xperia XZ cases will fit the Sony Xperia XZs and vice versa.



For case manufacturers and purchasers of these devices it is a refreshing change as it means less incorrect purchases of cases and for the likes of Case Hut and other online sellers it means less customer service & less returns. In the end and most importantly, leaving a happy customer knowing they have ordered the correct case for their device.

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