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UPROSA on Case Hut

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UPROSA is an eye-catching brand which is fast gathering recognition within the science community for its pioneering use of microscopy imagery. The images or "natural designs" have been effectively applied to accessories for the mobile market. As a result, customers of the brand are being rewarded with visuals never before seen with the naked eye.



Astonishing developments are generated in the labs of our leading universities every day.

However, exciting scientific research is communicated in over-complicated technical terms, restricting itself to the academic community.

Created by Cambridge & Oxford graduates with a passion for science & technology, our mission is to translate these breakthrough discoveries into new & exciting scientific imagery-based products. 

Collaborating with top institutions from all over the world, we create products on the basis of researchers' stunning scientific images and share our profits with them. Each product tells its own story, explaining and honouring the work of talented scientists and the impact they will cause. 

UPROSA is therefore a new element in retail, a unique concept that brings together cutting edge science with lifestyle and fashion products.

Hoping to roll some new wave science into your everyday life, we are expanding our product portfolio day by day.




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