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Mercedes Collection

This premium collection of smartphone and tablet accessories has been specifically designed to capture the cosmopolitan spirit of Mercedes-Benz. From hard cases to booktypes, these products are made with exceptional leathers, woods, genuine aluminium and carbon fiber platings that are often seen used in their car interiors.

Guess Collection

GUESS began as a jeans company in the United States and has since successfully grown into a global lifestyle brand. Designed with careful attention to detail and choice of quality materials, this collection of phone accessories is the perfect extension of GUESS signature designs to complete a glamorous and fashion forward look.

Ferrari Collection

Inspired by the renowned sports cars carrying the prancing horse, this unique collection has Ferrari’s passion for elegance and design whilst still offering great protection. Join the Ferrari club.


The Moleskine notebook has been used by artists like Vincent van Gogh & Ernest Hemingway over the last two centuries. In 1977 a small Milanese publisher brought the legendary notebook back to life. The iconic look of Moleskine’s legendary notebook, with its rounded corners and elastic page-holder, has inspired this collection of mobile, tablet and computer accessories.

Karl Lagerfeld Collection

Since the launch of the KARL LAGERFELD brand in the Spring of 2012, the world-famous fashion designer has been working on many different amazing projects. This refined collection of mobile phone accessories is made to please all fashion-conscious people.

BMW Collection

BMW began making its mark on history almost 90 years ago. Aircraft engines were the first thing to be produced followed by motorcycles and then automobiles - vehicles that have been setting milestones in the area of motorsport from the very start. The brand's involvement in motor sports is clearly evident. Now, Smartphone users can carry the same contemporary spirit of BMW with the protective accessories made for BMW's signature collection.