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KLEVATEK - The Smart way to power your devices


Charge whatever, wherever

Our patented AnyDevice technology® is what gives Klevatek chargers the edge over your run of the mill USB charger.

No longer do you need to worry if you've got the right voltage/ampage charger for every specific device you own, with Klevatek you can just plug in and charge without fear of overcharging, overheating, short circuiting and damaging your expensive technology.

In short, if it's charged via USB, Klevatek will charge it safely!



Charge on-the-go

Our in-car charger is a very versatile piece of kit. Powered by the vehicle's cigar lighter socket (12v or 24v), it features AnyDevice Technology® which determines the correct power required by your particular device and then delivers the required ampage accordingly. Featuring 2 USB ports (1 standard, 1 smart) and an LED power indicator.



USB Sync & Charge Cables

Our 1.5m cables have anodised aluminium shrouded connectors, soft-touch rubber coated anti-tangle flex and have been tested to last with over 5000 twists. We recommend using Klevatek cables with Klevatek chargers for seamless integration. We're confident they're even better quality than the original that came with your device.