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How to find out which Phone you have

How to identify which phone model I have?

How do I find out which Phone I Have?



Phone models can be confusing. Many of the manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony tend to use and re-use phone models. For example, the flagship iPhone from Apple has seen many generations over the past decade with iterations including Plus and S models. Samsung's Galaxy range utilises Plus and Edge iterations for example as well as other similar model names.

Fortunately for you, there is an easy way to find out exactly what phone model you have. All you need to identify yourself is if you are iOS or Android. 


iOS or Android?

Your phone is most likely using one of the two leading operating softwares (This is what you see on the screen when using your phone). If you have an Apple phone, you are using the operating software "iOS". Chances are if you don't have an Apple phone, your phone will be running the "Android" operating software. Pretty much all the main manufacturers apart from Apple use Android such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG and others.

Why do I need to know this? Once you have identified which operating software your phone is using, it is just a case of checking your phones settings with the following instructions.


Find your Phone Model on iOS Phones:

First off Apple have a great Support page which visually sorts the models & model numbers in descending order. For example, the iPhone X is quite clearly identifiable but if you have an iPhone 7, it is almost identical to the iPhone 8. You can use the following tip to get the model number and accurately identify which iPhone model you have.

On your iPhone go to Settings > General > About


Scroll down to "Model". This model number made up of letters and numbers identifies your mode. Simply type this into Google and you will find the result. Alternatively, you can tap the Model number and it should switch to the Apple Model reference which you can then match to the support page.



Find your Phone Model on Android Phones:

Android make it a bit easier for users to identify which model you have. This is partly due to the amount of models that run on Android in the world. Similar to iOS, the answer is in the settings of the phone but rather than giving you a code, it will simply output the make and model of your phone.

Open Settings on Android:

Either pull down the notifications tab by swiping from the top of your phone downwards and then tap the "Gear" icon or simply navigate through your apps and look for the "Settings" app.

Once you have the Andorid's settings App open, you need to scroll down to the "About" section. Depending on which version of Android you are running, the "About" section will either be under the "System" heading or it will just be under it's own "About" heading.

About Android Identify Phone

 Once you have the About section open, you should see the information you seek under either "Phone Name" or "Model Number". For example, if it says "G5" under phone name then you have a "Motorola G5". If it says "Galaxy S9" under About then you have a "Samsung Galaxy S9".


Check your Phone's Exterior

Some manufacturers make it really easy by putting the actual phone model on the casing of your phone. For example, the back of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ gives you that information. The "+" means it is the PLUS variation which is the larger sized phone of the 2 models with the same name; Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Galaxy S9 Plus Phone Model


Failing that, if you are shopping for a Phone case and are unsure of what model you have, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you identify which phone make and model you have. We can even advise which case would be best suited to your needs.