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Guide To Smartphone Chargers


A guide to Smartphone Chargers


Whatever your mobile phone usage is, chances are your phone has died on you at a crucial moment. With push email, apps that utilise GPS, YouTube videos we stream on our lunch break and music to get us through public transport, battery life is an issue that plagues smartphone users globally.

That’s why a bunch of clever companies have developed on-the-go battery chargers that are simple, easy to use and most critically: effective.

At we have brought together a range of chargers proven to give you power when you need it. Now, it might be a bit confusing knowing which one to go for, so our team of tech experts have created this helpful guide so you can get the charger that’s right for you.


Our experts say:

Visa PowerbankIf you’re a social butterfly who craves constant connectivity, MiLi has the solution for you. Its Visa power bank is the size of a credit card and at just 4.8mm thick it’s small enough to fit into your wallet. The best part? It charges most smartphones. With a 1200mAh capacity you won’t quite get a full charge for an iPhone 5 but it’ll definitely give you enough juice to order your Uber.


Or, if you’re more work than play, there are plenty of functional options for you.

Naztech PowerbankNaztech’s Powercase almost doubles the life of your iPhone or Samsung and with its low profile and slim design you’ll forget you’re carrying extra power on the go. They’ll give you well over a full charge for your phone.

MiLi’s Spring 5 more than doubles the life of your phone, or you can set up the MiLi Powerbank at your desk and charge two devices at once. The Spring 5 can fully charge an iPhone 6 with some juice left over while the Powerbank will give you enough to fully charge an iPhone 6 Plus. Now that’s a lot of power.

If you’re on the road more than you are at a desk you need a car charger. Naztech’s Premium model for older version iPhone and iPads can be easily installed into your vehicle power outlet and keeps your electronic devices charged and ready for use. 

There’s also Naztech’s blisteringly fast Phantom 8-pin charger for the latest generation Apple products – the ultimate hybrid of high-end performance and quality design.

If you’re an adventurer at heart Case Hut has you covered with its Universal Travel charger from MiLi that charges two devices almost anywhere in the world where you can find a car or wall socket.


So whoever you are, whatever you do, there’s constant connectivity with Case Hut.