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Guide To Selfie Sticks


Guide to picking a selfie stick

It’s hard to go on holiday nowadays without seeing one. They’re a hot contender for gadget of the year and are increasingly being used to simply and effectively capture memories.

We’re talking about the selfie stick, a monopod designed for mobile phone users to snap a photo from an angle far enough away to get everyone and everything in the one frame.

At Case Hut we’ve got two different varieties for you to choose from and our team of tech experts is here to help you select the right one.

Monopod Selfie

Our experts say:

Are you the life of the party? A social butterfly with an impressive circle of friends and an even more impressive social media following?

Then the Monopod Adjustable Bluetooth Selfie Stick is for you. It extends to almost 40 inches, meaning you can fit everyone in the shot. Did someone say #megaselfie?! It’s also available in blackpinkgreen or blue, so you can just about match your stick to your clothes, mood, shoes and even drink of choice.

Looq Selfie Stick

Just remember to pair it with your Bluetooth and charge it before you go. And at £20 it’s an absolute steal.

Or, if you’re more of a point-and-shoot person, the Looq model is definitely for you. While it extends to a shorter 24 inches, you have the luxury of using a device that doesn’t rely on battery, wifi or Bluetooth to work.

Looq supports Apple iPhone models and for £30 you’ll be able to capture anyone, anywhere, anytime with just the click of a button. 

We think this model’s ideal for travellers who don’t want to worry about charging the device before they go exploring. Who knew it could be so easy to share your adventures with loved ones?

Make sure you get your hands on a selfie stick today and preserve your precious memories.