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Guide To Protecting Your Investment


Protect your investment


David Phelan

David PhelanTime Out London’s Gadget Editor selects the finest phone cases to see you through to upgrade day.


The best smartphones cost vast amounts of cash and with contracts lasting for up to two years it is more important than ever to keep yours safe.

In an ideal world you want your most prized piece of tech to look and perform at its best every single day AND still be in pristine condition when the time comes to upgrade and sell it on.


But not all cases are created equally which is why I’ve chosen my favourite options that look good, make the most of your handset and keep it box fresh for longer.


Best for boosting power


Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6 - £90

If you and your phone have been together for a year or more you may have noticed that the battery isn’t as lively as it once was. Mophie’s case adds an extra 100 per cent battery and more. It also protects against knocks and scratches and there’s something very satisfying about hearing the battery-charging noise when you turn on the Juice Pack.


Best for bulletproof protection


ProportaProporta iPhone 6 case with Carbon Fibre lining - £28

We’re not judging the company you keep but if you want a case that has been tested with a shotgun (yes, really) then this is the one for you. The carbon fibre lining is robust and effective, but soft enough to keep the phone safe from scratches. Sure, most of the time you won’t need to be protected against bullets, we hope, but if it keeps lead out, it’ll keep anything out, right?




Best for elegance


Sony Xperia Z3 Plus Genuine Leather Wallet Case by Terrapin - £25

Wrap your phone in this case and you know it’ll be held in place perfectly. The leather strap keeps it protected inside and swings open easily for calls. Plus, there are pockets for four credit cards and a place for cash. Carry this and you don't need anything else.


Slim but tough

Shocksock TPU Gel Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - £10

Sometimes less really is more. A simple, affordable, unobtrusive gel case like this one keeps weight to a minimum but covers the back of the phone in transparent material that feels good to the touch. It’s available for lots of phones but is especially useful on something like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with its tapered-edge shape.


Best for screen saving


Tempered Screen

Tempered Glass Screen Protector by Terrapin - £15

So maybe you want to use your handset without a case, feel the phone in your hand, keep it slim and light? In that case, at least save the display. Terrapin’s screen protector is made from glass so it’ll keep the screen pristine. It attaches easily and the adhesive works to get rid of irritating air bubbles.


Best looking

Knomo iPhone 6 Leather Slim Sleeve - £25

The soft leather of Knomo’s sleeve is highly tactile. It’s snug enough to hold the phone securely but with enough give to release it when you want it. There’s a plush microfibre lining to keep the phone free from scratches. Knomo’s cases are a real pleasure to use.  


Best for a unique look


Native Union CLIC Wooden Case for iPhone 5/5s - £35


Every CLIC Wooden looks different because it contains a piece of hand-sanded cherry or walnut wood with its unique grain and markings. It’s slim, too, so it won’t bulk up your pocket. 

The plastic edging holds the phone tight. A scuff-stopper and a conversation-starter.