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Guide to Buying a Designer Case


Guide to buying a designer case  


We understand that fashion is important to you. You care about the latest looks and trends, know your Dior from your Chanel and could spot a Birkin bag from a mile away on a foggy day.

Case Hut cares about fashion too. A lot. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best designer phone cases to give you the chance to own a small part of some very big design houses.

But where do you begin? What will suit your individual style and taste? Our experts have put together a guide to ensure you get the style you want.




Modern, vibrant, eclectic. That’s Kenzo. And if that’s you, you need to get your hands on a piece of the powerhouse brand.

Jean Paul Gaultier 

Case Hut brings two of Gaultier’s phone case designs to you – both iconic and perpetually representative of the designer’s work.

Christian Lacroix 

If your style is colourful and feminine the Christian Lacroix cases will be the perfect complement to any outfit.