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Guide to Blue Light

Our Guide to Blue Light

Looking to protect your eyes from increased mobile device use? Look no further. We at Case Hut offer the Blue Light range from QDOS. One of the only Tempered Glass Screens on the market, that protect your eyes from Blue light omitted by mobile device screens.


Why Consider Blue Light?


  • There has been a 70% Increase in the average size of a smartphone screen between January 2007 and May 2014.
  • Mobile devices are now responsible for 40% of YouTube traffic.
  • 34% of all adults use digital devices for between 4 and 6 hours a day–mostly smartphones and tablets.
  • 14% spend as much as 10-12 hours per day using them

All digital devices have one point in common: they give off blue light, which harms our eyes. How?

Blue light is fifteen times more harmful to the retina than other colours in the spectrum. The effects of Blue Light can have a serious impact on sleeping patterns. Sustained exposure can damage cells in the retina and can cause stress, pain and tiredness.


Blue Light Example 

Other impacts include:

  • Slows the production of melatonin
  • Confuses the body by stimulating it as though it were daytime
  • Disruption to biorhythms
  • Poorer quality sleep
  • Ultimately, can make it harder to concentrate at school and in the office


Reports on Blue Light have been increasing over the last 2 years:

Blue Light In the Media  

What’s the solution?


Blue Screen protectors can help along with settings on the devices to reduce glare. The iPhone has a scheduled "Night" mode which warms the screen reducing Blue Light.

As for screen protectors, the QDOS range offer the following:

QDOS Blue Light Optiguard Range

Uses the very latest filtering technology to help protect eyesight and sleep

Quick and simple to install -bubble-free

Screen retains its clarity, colour brightness and touchscreen functions

Lifetime guarantee

Available for iPhone 5/5S, 6/6S, 6 Plus/6S Plus, Galaxy, iPad mini, etc