We take a look at the new iPhone SE 2020

We welcome Apple’s newest member of the iPhone family, the iPhone SE 2020. Small and lightweight, it’s Apple’s cheapest phone on the market. 

You may be familiar with the size and design. This is because it replicates the iPhone 8 model from 2017. It’ll definitely fit in your pocket better than the iPhone 11 series. 

iPhone SE design

Although the iPhone SE resembles the iPhone 8, it does have updated features. This new model is notably faster than it’s predecessor, with an improved camera that allows you to take beautiful, bright photos. 

By returning to the iPhone 8 model, it’s allowed Apple to create it’s lightest device yet. If you are upgrading from an older 6 or 7 model, then you may not see too much difference, but rest assured, it could have been worse. 

Like with all new iPhone models, there is no headphone jack, something that older model users might miss. Apple includes the EarPods with the iPhone SE 2020, which use the lightning port in the bottom of the phone. However, if you have earphones that you are already happy with, you can buy an adapter that allows you to connect a headphone jack to the lightning port. 

Battery life and screen brightness

Two downsides of the iPhone SE 2020 are the battery life and screen brightness. 

The battery is similar to that used in the iPhone 8, so don’t expect a long battery life. For low users, of course your battery will last longer. It does seem that the iPhone SE 2020 is power efficient in standby mode during night time. Charging to 100% takes nearly two hours but you can use a faster charger if you want to charge it quicker.

Should I buy the iPhone SE 2020?

If you’re after a great-value handset, then yes. Even as the cheapest model, it includes Touch ID, a powerful engine and a decent camera and is nearly half the price of the iPhone 11. Being lightweight, it makes the iPhone S 2020 pocketable and easy to hold. If you’re after a phone that you plan on keeping for a few years, this is the one, especially if you’re not fussed on the latest features. All in all, it’s a good, sturdy, cheap device that’s well built.


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