Since the launch of the KARL LAGERFELD brand in the Spring of 2012, the world-famous fashion designer has been working on many different amazing projects.
This refined collection of mobile phone accessories is made to please all fashion-conscious people and it has been designed exclusively by KARL in collaboration with his design studio.


Featuring a contemporary side profile of the famous fashion forward designer, Karl’s simple yet stylish black and white case perfectly reflects his style. Reflect this season’s catwalk on your iPhone 6/6S whilst also providing durable protection
Shop K-Punk for iPhone 6


 These classic PU Leather cases offer stylish, lightweight protection for your iPhone. Crafted from a premium faux leather, the gold logo adds subtle detail to these stunning cases. Choose from a hardback or booktype case!

Team Karl

These two cases, featuring cartoon Karl and Choupette are modern, monochrome ad adorable making making them the perfect, funky addition to your iPhone. 
‘Luxury is a discipline’ – KL

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