Protecting yourself from harmful bacteria found on your smartphone, tablets and other smart screen devices.

With these unprecedented times, it’s important to protect yourself from harmful bacteria and viruses, such as Covid-19. A mobile phone can carry over 25,000 bacteria per square inch, making it dirtier than your kitchen counter and your household door knobs. 

We have the perfect solution to protect yourself against these harmful bacteria. Shark Proof has great pure liquid glass screen protectors for many types of phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches. Not only are Shark Proof’s screen protectors water and scratch resistant, they provide bacteria-resistant protection for your device.

Let’s take a look at the Shark Proof products

Shark Proof antibacterial wipe on nano liquid screen protector

As your mobile device will carry a large amount of bacteria, it’s a good idea to protect yourself from them, especially with the latest virus; Covid-19. How many times do you touch your phone after being out and not having washed your hands? The thought has probably never crossed your mind. The Shark Proof screen protector protects your phone screen from bacteria. It’s super easy to apply to your device; just wipe it on once you’ve cleaned your screen. It deters germs and dust from affecting your device’s screen. 

Shark Proof liquid glass wipe on screen protector for laptop/MacBook screen

As more of us begin to work from home and become remote workers, we’ll start to use more electronic devices daily. The Shark Proof glass screen protector wipes onto your laptop devices and protects it from scratches, dust and bacteria. The screen protector can also shield your device against any accidental liquid spills. 

Shark Proof liquid glass wipe on screen protector for glasses/sunglasses

It’s a very good idea to protect your eyes from any germs and bacteria. Shark Proof’s glass protector is perfect for glasses or sunglasses. The current Covid-19 pandemic can easily be passed from human to human. Ensure your eyes are protected from germs entering. This wipe on protector defends your eyewear from harbouring bacteria. Your glasses will also be protected from dust and scratches, meaning all round, great protection. 

Shark Proof liquid glass wipe on screen protector for smart watch/watch screen

Like phones, we wear watches everyday. They are susceptible to germs and bacteria, just like our mobile devices. By using Shark Proof’s watch wipe on glass protector, your watch is also protected from dust and scratches, keeping that glass squeaky clean. The protector also helps to keep your watch glass super shiny. 

Our conclusion 

As we are in uncertain times, it’s important to ensure you can protect yourself as much as possible against all bacteria and germs, especially Covid-19. Give as many of your daily devices the antibacterial defence they need to help you stay safe.

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