Apple’s latest flagship phone hit the stores over the first weekend of November. Some queued overnight whilst others awaited delivery in the comforts of their own home. No matter how you have managed to get your hands on an iPhone X, its time to protect it.

Protect your Apple iPhone X

Clocking in at just under £1000 for the iPhone X 64gb and another £150 for the 256gb, you’ll be plain stupid not to take measures to protect it. Below we have listed some methods you can take, which quite frankly can be applied to any expensive mobile gadget with a screen.

1) Insurance

This is probably the most important. It’s the only form of cover you can get which protects you against any scenario.

Some Banks offer phone insurance with your monthly account fee but double check any premiums you have. Also, some providers simply won’t insure the device due to the value of it and the fact its glass on the front and the back.

Try for a price comparison on iPhone X insurance from gadget insurance providers.


2) Screen Protector

Screen protectors can be the difference between turning over a dropped phone with the screen intact or smashed to pieces.

They work by simply absorbing some of the energy when something comes in contact with the screen.

Whilst they aren’t bulletproof, they are a simple and extremely affordable measure you can take in protecting your iPhone X against everyday threats.

Check out the iPhone X screen protector here


3) Nano Liquid Protection

A new popular alternative to Screen Protectors is Nano liquid screen protection. Whilst it may sound futuristic and complex, its quite simple. Its a coating which you apply to your iPhone X’s screen and once dried, provides a rock solid layer of protection to your Phones screen. 

Check out nano protection from Sharkproof here.


4) Protective Case

Finally, we wouldn’t be Case Hut without suggesting you put a case on it. With insurance aside, this is probably the best form of physical protection you can give to your iPhone X.

Depending on what style of case you choose will affect the amount of protection it offers to your iPhone X.

A typical Gel style case will add some forgiving protection on short drops but will leave the screen exposed so a screen protector is advised.

A leather wallet style case will offer all round protection and importantly cover the screen but this will add some bulk to the phone (a small price to pay for protection though!).

No matter which way you look at it, any case from Case Hut will add some form of protection so you are better off with than without.

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