Self-expression drives you to create. We want to give you the freedom to artistically produce your own phone case designs. Our monogram cases allow you to do this in a simple and effective manner. Personalisation isn’t going anywhere and if anything, it’s getting bigger and more popular.


It’s all about the design

By handing over the decision making to you, we are giving you the reign to create your own identity. Something that is unique and personal to you. And our monogram case range allows this to happen. When deciding on the best look and feel for your personalised phone case, you need to decide what you love most and the style you are trying to achieve.


Initialling a phone case immediately makes it yours. It’s personal to you. Monogram phone cases are extremely popular right now, as everyone can create their one of a kind design. Not only can you add you initials, but you could be different and choose a single word instead. This could be something that means a lot to you or even something that relates and represents your personal character.


Why should I put initials on a phone case?

You can easily locate your phone. You know it’s yours. No one can mistake your phone case for theirs. Adding your initials instantly personalises your phone case. With three great background prints to choose from, you can make your design look outstanding. We also allow you to select the font and colour of the text that overlays on the background image.


Monogram phone cases are very popular and you’d be silly not to have one of your own. It’s fashionable to get your initials on your phone case. It looks great when you’re taking pictures that have your phone in and people will always be asking where your case is from. Stand out amongst your group of friends and become the trend setter.


Using a monogram phone case


Not only can you have a monogram phone case yourself, but they’re a great idea if you need to buy a gift. Have the recipient’s initials embellished on the case or choose a word you know they’d love. Either way, you’ll know they’ll be super happy with their new gift.


Monogram phone cases are great accessories for days out and events. Let you phone wear a monogram phone case when you attend a wedding, summer party or festival. The design of your phone case is just as important as any other part of your outfit. It’s a key accessory when putting an outfit together.


View our collection of monogram phone cases below to become part of the biggest trend right now.


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