Design your own custom phone case for the iPhone XR


Have you recently purchased an iPhone XR but are unsure what kind of case to get to protect it?


With dozens of designs to choose from, we want to make it easy for you to create your own design. The Case Hut Studio means that you can do this. Easily upload images, add text and insert shapes into layers to create the best-looking phone case.


Make custom phone cases for the iPhone XR


The YouDesign series puts you in control by letting you design and create your own style phone cases. Upload an image on its own, or add text or shape layers to make the design exciting. With so many phone case designs in the market, it’s difficult to find one that you’ll love all the time. This is why we want to give you the controls and let you design your own.


Our customer cases are gel shells and transparent. This means that the designs printed are high quality and done so with the latest technology. The design that you generate will look great on your iPhone XR.


Do you like the idea of having your name or initials printed on your phone case? If so, get this printed using the Case Hut Studio and YouDesign series. Maybe you fancy a beautiful image that reminds you of a great holiday. Upload this using the custom case tool to create your unique design.


Gifting for him or her?


Do you need to gift a phone case for an iPhone XR? Are you looking for a unique design that your receiver will love? The Case Hut Studio gives you a tool to design your own style whether it be an image on its own or text. To bring the personalised feel to life, create a phone case with initials or a name that can relate to the receiver.


The Case Hut Studio


The Case Hut Studio puts you in control of designing your own phone case. The YouDesign series are the collection of shell cases that are used. The designs get printed onto these cases, so getting designing and generating now.


View iPhone XR YouDesign series

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