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Best iPhone 12 Mini phone cases

Best iPhone 12 Mini phone cases


With the release of the new iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest of the four models with a 5.4” display size. It seems that Apple are going back to their older routes, which we are a fan of.


If you’ve recently upgraded your phone to the iPhone 12 Mini then it’s super important that you protect it from the beginning. To help you do this, we’ve put together our best and favourite iPhone 12 Mini phone cases.


  1. Terrapin Flexi Clear Gel Case



The iPhone 12 Mini is available in numerous colours compared to the other 12 series. With this in mind, some of you might want to show off the colour you’ve chosen. This Terrapin Flexi Clear Gel case is perfect for doing just that. It has a slim-fitting low profile design but still offers the robust protection of a hard case whilst keeping the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. It’s the perfect combination. It’s been produced for a precise fit to your iPhone 12 Mini and is bulk-free. It ensures your device is protected from everyday hazards such as impacts, drops, scratches, dirt and dust.


  1. Rokform Rugged Case



If you’re looking for a case to provide excellent shockproof protection, this Rokform Rugged case is a great choice. It features a hard protective Polycarbonate outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. If you’re keen on outdoor activities or are very active, this case exceeds military drop-test standards, which means you don’t have to worry about dropping your iPhone 12 Mini. This case has the ‘Roklock twist lock system’ which means you can securely mount your phone to a variety of accessories for bikes, cars and more. It’s such a good feature. It also includes magnetic technology, which means you can attach it to any magnetic surface. The magnetic won’t interfere with your credit cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.


  1. Urban Armor Gear Plyo Series Case



If you’re looking for design and great protection then this Urban Armor Gear Plyo Series case is the case for you. It combines advanced military tested drop protection whilst maintaining a minimalistic approach. It’s clean, simple and featherlight. It has airsoft corners to reinforce the corners of your iPhone 12 Mini. The corners can be the weak spot if you drop your device, so having extra protection in these places really helps. The embossed branding detail is subtle but still looks great. The great thing too is that it comes with a one-year warranty; what’s not to like.


  1. Coconut Lane Dalmatian Case


If you’re looking for a simple but cool design, then this Coconut Lane Dalmatian case is a good choice. There are many designs to choose from (just make sure you select iPhone 12 Mini as your model). The design covers the back and sides of the device. The case is lightweight and glossy, which makes the design even better. There is cutaway detailing, which means accessing all the ports and buttons is easy.


Let’s conclude


Thanks for taking the time to read about the best iPhone 12 Mini phone cases. Hopefully you’ll find the type of case to meet your requirements. There are so many different types on the market, so just ensure you research before purchasing.

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Best 3 phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Best 3 phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20


Samsung has officially launched its newest addition to the Galaxy Note range. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a reasonable price tag for the device that it is, is top performing and takes some of the best photos around. It has an S Pen Stylus and the latest chipsets found in any Android device.


The Galaxy Note 20 is available in three colours; Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green and Mystic Grey. To keep your device’s aesthetic in pristine condition, we recommend protecting it with a great case.


Terrapin TPU Gel Case – Clear for Samsung Galaxy Note 20



If you want your Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s colour to show through, then we recommend the Terrapin TPU Gel Case in clear. It has a slim-fitting, low profile design that provides the robust protection of a hard case and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. It precisely fits arounds your device and gives full body protection in the form of a slim and bulk-free case. Protect your phone against everyday hazards such as scratches, dirt and dust.


Terrapin Real Leather Wallet Case – Black for Samsung Galaxy Note 20



The Terrapin Real Leather Wallet Case is the ideal case if you’re looking to protect your phone, as well as making your life easier to manage by carrying your credit cards along with your phone in the same case. It has been specially designed for necessity and convenience. It has an in-built folding stand functionality, which allows you to view media and videos in landscape view. This leather wallet case is perfect for those that love to carry minimal items.


Caseology Parrallax case



This Caseology Parralax case has a 3D pattern to create a beautiful design. The case is a combination of soft TPU material and protective PC bumper that provides a slim and secure case for your device. There is extra protection on the sides of the case that also provide grips for holding the phone and the corners are cushioned to protect against drops. Available in calm colours and stylish patterns, you can choose the design depending on your personal style.


View all Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases here.

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Best back to school accessories 2020 for your mobile phone

Best back to school accessories 2020


With back to school getting underway, we’ve compiled a list of accessories that we think you’ll need to make your days easier.


Terrapin Apple iPhone X/XS Tempered Glass Screen Protector



The Terrapin Tempered Glass Screen Protector is available for several phone models, such as Samsung and Apple. With some screen repairs costing over £100, it’s recommended to protect your device’s screen with one of our tempered glass screen protectors. Offering premium protection for your device’s delicate screen, this screen protector is made of shatter-proof glass and has a smudge-proof coating. Whilst some new phone models have curved screens, please note that the Terrapin screen protectors are recessed from the edge by up to 10%. The recess extends the life of the screen protector and prevents the edges from catching. It enhances compatibility and allows you to use the screen protector alongside a case.


The 100% tempered glass screen protector provides protection from damage and scratches including sharp objects such as keys. It’s easy to apply with no bubbles; the silicone adhesive does the work for you. Everyone can benefit from a screen protector. We’ve all had those moments where you drop your phone face down and bend down to slowly pick it up and turn it over to reveal a mosaic of shattered glass. Don’t be that student who pulls out their new phone to show their friends then drop and shatter the screen on your first day at school. Get a screen protector now.


Case Hut DesignLab phone case



Take a look at our own collection of fantastically designed phone cases, Case Hut DesignLab. With numerous designs and patterns to choose from, there’s one for everyone. On your first day of school, give your phone a head turning look with an amazing, vibrant design that’ll leave all your friends wanting one.


Each design has been carefully crafted to create a case design that is like no other whilst still offering that all important protection. This collection of Case Hut DesignLab cases protect your device from drops, scratches, dirt and dust. All the controls and ports are easily accessible and the case does not add extra bulk to your phone. The case is transparent gel with a stunning, printed visual design.


Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 15K Power Bank – Navy



The Cygnett ChargeUp Boost 15K power bank will immediately charge your device when you need it the most. This relieves the panic when your phone battery is about to die. The ChargeUp Boost 15K has enough juice to restore your battery back to 100%. It has dual ports, which allows you to charge two devices at the same time, making it highly convenient. It can be used to charge your phone or tablet and even a camera or drone. The digital display on the power bank lets you know how much charging power is left. This is also helpful when recharging the power bank itself, so you can easily see when it reaches 100%. This ChargeUp Boost 15K power bank is available in several colours.

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Does an iPhone 11 case fit an iPhone 12?

Simply answered. No. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max cases do not fit the new iPhone 12 series. 

It’s always great when your old case fits your new phone. However, this year Apple has made some dramatic changes to the iPhone. The biggest change is the shape, which now includes a square edge. Using an old case on your new device depends on some different factors. The new device must be the same size as your old phone and the cut-outs must match the placement of the new camera, ports and buttons.


What’s different about the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 has been launched in four different models, all with bigger and better cameras. The four models include the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The good news is that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same size.


Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have similar screen sizes; however, the overall design of the iPhone 12 is dissimilar so any iPhone 11 case will not fit it. The fit would be loose and the buttons and ports would not line up correctly.


What’s the conclusion?

The best advice we can give you is to buy yourself a new case that has been specifically designed for the shape and size of the iPhone 12. As an iPhone 11 case will not fit, you will need to find a new design.


There are several iPhone 12 case designs to choose from. We offer simple designs that are slim fitting to your device and provide protection against every day hazards, such as scratches, drops and bumps.


You can view all the iPhone 12 cases here.

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Brand new: iOS 14 features and compatibility

Brand new: iOS 14 features and compatibility

Bringing a new look to your iPhone, iOS 14 has some great features that need to be talked about.




The widgets have been redesigned to create a beautiful layout whilst providing data that you’re likely to view throughout your day. You can now place widgets anywhere on your home screen, making it a perfect way to track your commute, fitness activity, news stories or events. There is a widget gallery that is a centralised place where all your widgets are. The top widget displayed will be the app you use the most. A new feature, Smart Stack, allows you to view a set of widgets that you can easily swipe through. It uses on-device intelligence to work out what widget to show you, based on the time of day and which apps you use at what time each day. For example, you could be shown the News widget in the morning, fitness widget during the day and a commute widget in the evening using maps. It’s very intelligent. iOS 14 allows you to choose the size of your widgets. There are three sizes to choose from, depending on how much information you want to see of each.



App Library


The App Library is a fantastic new feature that shows at the end of your Home Screen pages. It organises all your apps into one group, making it super easy for you to navigate. It will show you suggested apps that you might be looking for, which is based on your device usage like time and location. For example, if you use the News app every morning, it will suggest this app to you at that time every day. New apps that you download from the App Store will go straight into the App Library, making it easy for you to manage. It stores your apps in automatically sorted categories such as Social and Productivity. You can use the search bar to find a specific app quickly, and when you tap Search, all the apps will be listed alphabetically.




Compact UI


Changes have been made to improve the user experience. Phone calls now appear as a banner when you are using your phone. This means you won’t lose track of what you were doing. You can swipe up on the banner to dismiss the call, or swipe down to access all the phone features. Tap the green phone to answer the call. FaceTime calls also appear as a banner so it no longer takes over the whole screen. Again, you can swipe up to dismiss the call, or down to access more FaceTime call features. Siri has a new design that allows you to refer to information onscreen. Results for Siri have also been updated to give you the information that you need.


Picture in Picture


You can now continue watching a video or taking a FaceTime call whilst using another app. It means you can catch up with your friends whilst checking an email, for example. You can move the picture to any corner of the screen by dragging it. You can resize the picture window by pinching it to make it bigger or smaller. Completely minimize the video window by moving it offscreen to allow you full access to an app while continuing to listen to the audio.




There are more ways in which you can customise your Memoji with new hairstyles and headwear. There are more fun stickers and more age options. You can also apply a face covering now. Change your hairstyle with a faded look.





iOS 14 is compatible with the following iPhone models:


iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max

iPhone X / XS / XS Max

iPhone XR

iPhone 8 / 7 / 6s

iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6s Plus

iPhone SE (1st& 2ndgeneration)




Upgrade to iOS 14 now to make use of all these new features and ensure your life is organised in a way that suits you. All your apps are sorted in a way that makes it easy for you to find them when needed.

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Our favourite 3 phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy A41

Our favourite 3 phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy A41


As part of Samsung’s A range, the Samsung Galaxy A41 replaces the previous A40. The Samsung Galaxy A41 is sleek and stylish and has an amazing display for watching and browsing content. The battery is long-lasting and the camera is great at capturing those favourite moments, and for all a great, affordable price.


It has an incredible 6.1” Infinity-U display, which means the screen and quality is fantastic. The shape of the phone itself is perfectly neat and convenient. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible.


To ensure your A41 remains as it did when you bought it, check out our favourite three phone cases below to protect it.


Terrapin Samsung Galaxy A41 TPU Gel Case – Black Matte



After simplicity and ease? The Terrapin TPU Gel Case provides a slim-fitting, low-profile design that offers the robust protection of a hard case and the perfect form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. It fits effortlessly and neatly around your device and is crafted for a precise fit. It is slim, sleek and bulk free in a way that enhances your devices’ aesthetics. The black matte design makes it harder for your device to slip from your hands due to the material of the case. It’s a simple case that will protect your Samsung Galaxy A41 from impacts, scratches, dirt, dust, everyday hazards and it provides easy access to all buttons and ports.


Terrapin Real Leather Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A41 – Grey



Are you looking for a case that provides full protection for your Samsung Galaxy A41? This Terrapin Real Leather Wallet case does just that. All round protection for an affordable price. Built to last and super stylish, this wallet case will ensure your device is protected from all the everyday hazards, such as dust, dirt, drops and scratches. The folding cases allows your A41 to be protected from all angles with the secure magnetic closure. It has a built-in folding functionality, which means you can view videos in a landscape orientation. This Terrapin wallet case allows you to carry any credit cards with you, using the slots available in the case. This means it is highly convenient.


Black Rock 2-in-1 Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy A41 – Black


This Black Rock 2-in-1 Wallet case is made of PU, which is a lightweight plastic and ensures toughness. Your device will be very well protected from drops and falls. This case is great because it allows you to attach it to a magnetic ventilation grille mount in a car or on bicycle handles with a magnetic holder. It comes with three card slots for business cards, bank cards or ID, plus an inner compartment to hold any cash. You can easily access all buttons and ports, as these have been perfectly cut out. Wireless charging is also possible.


View all Samsung Galaxy A41 cases here.

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Our top 3 cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a fantastic device and a must-buy handset. It is a beautiful design, easy to hold and great for video recording. If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we discuss our top three cases below.


Terrapin Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rugged Case – Black




This Terrapin Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rugged case in black is a unique design that incorporates a TPU inner with a hard plastic outer shell. This case means that it can fully protect your device under the roughest conditions. It has been designed specifically for outdoor use so it does add more volume and weight to your phone. But, combined with the plastic outer protective layer, it means your device is easier to hold. This rugged case includes a stand, which allows you to view various media.


Terrapin Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Dual Layer Impact Case – Gunmetal



The Terrapin Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Dual Layer Impact case in gunmetal has a double layer that combines a sleek, high-tech look with fantastic protection. This design incorporates a TPU inner with a hard-plastic outer shell. A case that’s been designed for outdoor use, it has a matte shell and provide protection from scratches, dirt and dust. The case adds slightly more volume to your phone, but the outer shell makes it easier to hold. It allows access to all controls and ports, making the case completely functional.


Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Case – Burgundy



The Spigen Neo Hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note 10 case is a slim profile, form-fitting and lightweight design that is great for slipping into your pocket. It includes tactile buttons to ensure immediate response and has a raised bezel to life the screen and camera off surfaces to prevent scratches. The dual protection contains an absorbent TPU layer and rigid polycarbonate bumper frame to give additional protection.


View all Samsung Galaxy Note 10 cases.

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4 of the best cases for the iPhone SE (2020)

4 of the best cases for the iPhone SE (2020)


The iPhone SE 2020 is a great device from Apple that will last you a few years without paying a lot for it. It offers good performance through the general power chip and camera and it’s lighter than the latest iPhone 11 models. It’s an excellent phone model if you’re looking for one that is simple to use and do the basics.


To ensure your iPhone SE 2020 stays in pristine condition, we discuss four of the best cases to protect it.


Redneck Airluxe Case for Apple iPhone SE (2020) in Turquoise



Made from an excellent durable material, the Redneck Airluxe Case offers 1.2m drop protection from accidental drops and falls. The stylish case has a clear shell back with an integrated shock resistant TPU bumper in beautiful turquoise. This provides your iPhone SE 2020 with extra protection around the outside. This Redneck case includes colour co-ordinated buttons too and allows easy access to all ports and functions. It’s a great case for all round protection and is available in several colours.


Terrapin Apple iPhone SE (2020) Slim Gel Case – Pink Matte



This Terrapin iPhone SE 2020 case provides your device with the protection it needs. This ultra-slim gel case fits precisely around your device and gives it a smooth finish to touch and hold. The slim-fitting, low-profile design offers the robust protection of a hard case and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. This Terrapin case provides full body protection in a slim and bulk-free way whilst adding a pop of colour to your phone. It delivers protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust and other everyday hazards that might occur.


Otterbox Symmetry Series Case for Apply iPhone SE (2020) – Black



This Otterbox Symmetry Series case for the iPhone SE 2020 is the perfect black simple protection. The raised bevelled edge keeps your touch screen safe from surfaces, minimising scratches. The trusted protection means that this case is Otterbox Certified Drop+ Protection, which in turn means your device is protected from drops, bumps and falls. The slim case glides over your phone with ease and does not add bulk. It’s a smart and sleek design that offers style and sophistication.


Lucrin Classic Leather Case for iPhone SE 2020 in Dark Taupe



This stunning Lucrin leather pouch case is the perfect accessory and protection for your iPhone SE 2020. Slightly more on the pricey side, it offers sophistication and class to your device. It’s available in several colours and is designed with genuine high-quality leather. This soft pouch envelops the iPhone SE 2020 completely, acting like a second skin. The case has been designed with accuracy and fits the shape of the device perfectly. The iPhone SE 2020 can easily be inserted and removed, whilst remaining solid inside to avoid slips and drops. The interior is made of microfibre which protects your screen from scratches and dust. A beautiful design that you’d be silly not to like.


View all iPhone SE 2020 cases here.

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Top 3 durable phone cases for the Sony Xperia 10 II

Top 3 durable phone cases for the Sony Xperia 10 II


The Sony Xperia 10 II is a great phone that offers something unique. Its OLED display lets you easily play games and watch media on the 6-inch screen. Its light yet robust, and easily slips into any pocket. It has a reliable side-mounted fingerprint touch sensor and is a simple phone to use day-to-day.


With this in mind, we look at the top three durable cases to protect your Sony Xperia 10 II.


Terrapin Low Profile PU Leather Wallet Case for Sony Xperia 10 II – Black

This super slim and understated Terrapin Low Profile PU Leather Wallet case for the Sony Xperia 10 II is a durable and useful case to protect your device. Designed with a built-in folding stand functionality, this case offers a landscape orientation viewing platform for those of you that enjoy watching media. The inner gel case holds your phone securely whilst the outer cover protects the screen from any scratches. This wallet case also has storage slots for credit cards, providing you with convenience. The soft textured faux leather ensures the case has a slim fit around your phone without adding too much bulk.


Terrapin Sony Xperia 10 II TPU Gel Case – Clear Matte

If you’re looking for simplicity, then this Terrapin Sony Xperia 10 II TPU Gel Case is the perfect choice for you. A super slim, clear case, it slips onto your phone with ease. The slim-fitting low-profile design provides the robust protection of a hard case and the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. It doesn’t add bulk to your original device and is a precise fit. It’s a case that enhances your phone’s aesthetics and offers protection against scratches, dirt, dust and other everyday hazards. This case ensures all controls and ports are easily accessible and offers reliable and durable protection that your Sony Xperia 10 II would need.


PIXFAB Shockproof Brushed Carbon Fibre Gel Rubber case – Red


This gorgeous PIXFAB brushed carbon fibre case for the Sony Xperia 10 II will protect your device from everyday bumps, knocks, drops, chips and scratches. Available in a beautiful hue of red, it provides access to all functions of your smart phone including cut-outs for the camera, charging port, speaker, headphones and lock button. It is thin, lightweight and durable, which means it adds minimal bulk to your device. The raised edges prevent your phone from making contact with a flat surface. It has excellent grip to stop your phone from slipping out of your hand, whilst offering all-round protection.


View all Sony Xperia 10 II cases here.

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Top 4 Sony Xperia 1 II phone cases

Top Sony Xperia 1 II phone cases


Sony has finally released their new Sony Xperia 1 II phone and it has definitely set a new bar for speed in a smartphone. With cutting-edge technology and the ability to connect to 5G, this powerful new device will want to be protected from the start. This model offers a refined design, whilst retaining its square look and comes with a 4K display that is crisp and clear. The battery life is great and will see you through a full day of normal use.


We take you through some of our favourite phone cases for the new Sony Xperia 1 II.


Terrapin Sony Xperia 1 II Carbon Fibre Effect TPU Gel Case – Black


A slim and sophisticated case, easily slip your phone into the Terrapin Carbon Fibre Effect TPU Gel Case in black. You’ll instantly experience a sensual touch that’s smooth and soft. This case has a slim-fitting low-profile design that provides some of the best robust protection of a hard case whilst providing the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case. It fits the Sony Xperia 1 II perfectly and your device will be protected from impacts, scratches, dirt and dust immediately. It offers full body protection in a slim and bulk-free way whilst enhancing your phone’s beautiful shape aesthetics with the carbon fibre effect. All the phone’s openings and controls are easily accessible and the camera is protected due to the raised edge around it.


Terrapin Sony Xperia 1 II TPU Gel Case – Clear Matte


If you’re looking for simplicity, then this Terrapin TPU Gel Case in clear matte could be the perfect case. Slip your phone into this case and immediately it will be protected from everyday hazards including scratches, dust and dirt. It is high quality in its fit, styling and protection. It’s crafted for a precise fit and offers full body protection without adding any bulk to your device. You can easily access the phone’s volume controls and charging ports and the camera is protected from surfaces due to the raised edges. The clear matte case design means that you can see your Sony Xperia 1 II’s branding depending on the colour of the device you have chosen.


Terrapin Low Profile PU Leather Wallet Case for Sony Xperia 1 II – Black

Our low-profile wallet design cases are perfect for those that wish to protect their device from all angles. The Terrapin Low Profile PU Leather Wallet Case in black protects your Sony Xperia 1 II from scratches and dirt. Slim and understated, the low-profile wallet case is designed with a built-in folding stand functionality that offers a landscape orientation to watch media. Your phone slots into a TPU gel case that holds is securely whilst the outer faux leather wallet closes around it. The wallet case has slots for credit cards, giving you the perfect case to carry your necessities. This design is great for those that like full round phone protection.


Keledes Sony Xperia 1 II Wallet Case with Folio Flip Magnetic Genuine Leather Wallet Case Cover – Brown


This Sony Xperia 1 II wallet case has been handmade with genuine cowhide leather to create it’s deep, rich finish, creating a luxury and elegant design. It has a soft and natural feel and is comfortable to hold. It contains three credit card slots and a cash compartment. The leather cover lining includes RFID shielding which can block RFID signals and protect your credit card information. It allows for wireless charging, making it practical and convenient. The magnetic closure of the wallet case ensures your valuables are neat and safe. The case includes a soft and durable TPU inner frame, which keeps your device in place and protects it from scratches and drops. You can stand the case up, making it perfect for viewing media. You have access to all the device’s buttons and charging ports.


View all Sony Xperia 1 II phone cases here.