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Case Hut’s new beautifully designed phone cases

Stand out with the new vibrant design collections from Case Hut

Give your phone the head turning look it needs with our new vibrant designs. Are you looking for something different? A fun and colourful phone case that makes your device pop? Look no further than our new Case Hut collection new for 2019 / 2020. 

Available for several phone models including the Samsung A50 & A70, Xperia 1 & 5, iPhone 11 and more, these vibrant and powerful cases will protect your device against scratches, dirt, dust and drops. Keep your phone looking fresh with one of the fabulous creatives.


Why should I buy a Case Hut phone case?


With numerous years in mobile retail, Case Hut has the knowledge and expertise to provide affordable phone cases with excellent protection. This new collection enables customers to have great designs without the high price tag. The new case designs are printed onto a transparent gel case that is flexible and shock absorbing. 


We’ve reviewed a few of our favourite designs


With an array of designs to choose from, we wanted to let you know what our favourites are.


Storm Circus


An eye catching design with beautiful hues of pink and purple. Storm Circus creates a storm-like scenario, with many colours intertwining to produce a stunning composition. This phone case will help protect your phone from everyday hazards whilst adding a pop of colour.



Marble Ice


Our elegant Marble Ice phone case has gorgeous aqua hues running through the dark background. This is enhanced with dashes of gold. Add this phone case to your collection and ensure your device is protected from drops and scratches.


Black & Gold


The Black & Gold phone case consists of a black background with rivers of gold running over it. It’s subtle, yet produces a superb pattern that is easy on the eye. Encase your device with this case and it’ll remain protected from day to day hazards. 



Crayon Crush


Crayon Crush presents a playful and imaginative style and is the perfect design for all of you who love bright colours. Designed to show crushed crayons, it produces a delightful pattern. Insert your device into this phone case to defend it from any knocks or bumps it might receive.



Gift a Case Hut phone case


With Christmas around the corner, why not gift one of Case Hut’s new collection phone cases? With a design for everyone, you’ll easily find one to suit the recipient. These cases are affordable and loveable, and help to enhance the device’s aesthetics whilst giving it the protection it needs. 


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