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BMW Smartphone Cover Collection at Case Hut

BMW began making its mark on history almost 90 years ago. Aircraft engines were the first thing to be produced followed by motorcycles and then automobiles – vehicles that have been setting milestones in the area of motorsport from the very start. The brand’s involvement in motorsports is clearly evident.

Now, smartphone users can carry the same contemporary spirit of BMW with the protective accessories made for BMW’s signature collection. These products are made in various materials, such as, genuine leather, carbon fibre and aluminium.

‘The Signature Collection’

Classic elegance.
The Debossed BMW Logo Booktype Case: With its fine  leather and stylish details, the Signature Collection will give all devices an elegant twist.

 Shop Booktype debossed for iPhone 6
 Shop Booktype debossed for iPhone 7

‘The M Collection’

Elegant and athletic.
M mobile phones and accessories collection is the perfect harmony between elegance and energy. The combination of modern aesthetic design and fine materials makes this collection a perfect choice.

Carbon and aluminium effect.

Designed to resemble BMW’s car doorsill scuff plate, these real carbon fibre cases have a sleek aluminium plate with the M logo that gives your mobile a modern and sporty finish.

These thin and elegant hard cases are made from brushed aluminium and real carbon


Shop Silver iPhone 6                                                      Shop Black iPhone 6
Shop Silver iPhone 7                                                      Shop Black iPhone 7

 ‘The Carbon Collection’

This case is made from Carbon Fibre to reinforce protection while adding a sleek, sporty look to your device

Shop Carbon Fibre for iPhone 6
Shop Carbon Fibre for iPhone 7
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