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Will iPhone X Cases fit the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR?

Will iPhone X Cases fit the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR?

Apple announced the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr on Wednesday 12th September, here's a quick round up on case compatibility. 


The Trillion Dollar company dropped their revamped lineup of iPhones and there were a few surprises but notably, the predicted 3 devices were announced.

These come in the form of the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs MAX and iPhone XR.

Below we will go through the devices and give you the important details for deciding on phone case options.


The iPhone Xs

Question: "Will iPhone X cases fit the new iPhone Xs?"

Easy answer: Yes.

Important Answer: The iPhone Xs is the same size as the iPhone X. There are 2 differences to note. The first is the alignment of the microphone on the bottom of the device. We believe they have modified this slightly. This won't really have an impact on current iPhone X cases although if the case has precision cutouts, it may cover parts of the speaker/microphone. Will this affect use? probably not. The second aspect to note is weight. The iPhone Xs is 3g heavier. Again, no impact on cases however if you drop an iPhone X and Xs from the same height, the Xs is more likely to get to the ground quicker. :D


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The iPhone Xs MAX

Question: "Are there any previous cases that will fit the new iPhone Xs Max?"

Easy Answer: No.

Detailed Answer: Well, technically yes there are. Moulded cases and form factor cases are out the question. Because of the new size and design of the iPhone Xs Max, there hasn't been a previous model of iPhone to share this factor so these types of cases won't fit. However, there may be some pouch, clutch or bag style cases that may fit. These tend to be universal type cases and can protect the device but are far from ideal. Play it safe and get an iPhone Xs Max case.


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The iPhone XR

No question required. This is a completely new device with no existing form factor. As mentioned above, you may find some pouch style cases will fit the XR but it will be hit and miss.

The iPhone XR will most likely become the popular iPhone model of 2019. Its price point is the most accessible, it carries the stylings of the iPhone X, utilises Face ID, has the AR tech and comes in a range of bold colours.


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Random Reader - June 11, 2019

Just a random fun fact the IPHONE X Case length and width specs fit the S10e perfectly although the camera and power button don’t match with a few custom adjustments it’s good for a temp case

Case Hut - January 17, 2019

Hi Charley,

Afraid not as the iPhone X has different dimensions to the iPhone XR.

Case Hut

Charley murphy - January 17, 2019

Will my iPhone X case fit my iPhone XR???

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