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How Do You Launch a Case Brand In The UK?

How Do You Launch a Case Brand In The UK?

Is the success of Mous on Indiegogo a sign of the way forward?


Launching a case brand is never easy. Not only do you have to deliver a product that will capture the imagination of the consumer, but you need to consider how and when you launch. In other sectors, launching a brand is difficult in its own right, but when you have to consider the availability of the device, it becomes more challenging.

For example, breaking into the iPhone 7 market today will be tough; some four months after the product launched in the UK. There are currently over 2 million product listings on marketplace sites such as eBay and Amazon. High street retailers see the initial upsurge when a phone launch but that will usually drop off significantly in the months that follow.

Trying to push your own brand in the noise of Google search is also extremely competitive and launching today might only get you to page 10 without a comprehensive marketing strategy.

It is for these reasons that it is impressive to see a brand like Mous Case on Indiegogo raise over $600k at the time of writing. Using novel marketing techniques involving cranes, hammers and dogs to showcase their product, they have been able to hit the sweet spot of engagement. Judging by their Twitter feed, they have encountered some challenges on delivering the product due to the success of the program.

These are not bad problems to have considering they aren’t first to market with their product and are indeed a couple of months after the launch of the handsets they are providing cases for. Marketplaces do not currently offer the same level of exposure for a new brand.


The costs of Crowd Funding are not prohibitive; though brands need to be aware of the costs of engagement. Mous clearly have a well thought out marketing strategy to gain traction for their brand. Very few brands will just appear on the top of sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo without substantial work behind the scenes. A specialist PR or marketing agency can assist brands in gaining attention and planning out campaigns if they don’t have the in-house expertise.


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The high risk costs of placing products on the shelves of major retailers feels a little outdated to showcase the latest innovative products.

Crowd Funding offers a great platform for brands and manufacturers to test the market before they embark on the brand building journey.  It offers an immediate response from your customer base and consumer insights, enabling you as a brand to customise your strategy.

Walking around CES or similar trade shows are great spectacles for consumers or tech enthusiasts, but it still feels largely down to luck if you get your product in the hands of the right people.

It is a long road from exhibition floor on to the peg in-store and with ever evolving technology, brands face the challenge of being able to engage and educate consumers across a range of media platforms.

It’s promising to see a brand like Mous gain a customer base straight out of the blocks and given their risks of manufacturing, to have immediate sales, shows the benefits of more modern practices for launching a brand.

We’re excited to see how successful the brand will be in delivering the Mous Airo Shock Case to the market.


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