Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Cover Collection on Case Hut

Mercedes-Benz Smartphone Cover Collection on Case Hut

This premium collection of smartphone and tablet accessories has been specifically designed to capture the cosmopolitan spirit of Mercedes-Benz. From hard cases to book types, these products are made with exceptional leathers, woods, genuine aluminium and carbon fibre platings. Now, all Mercedes-Benz devotees can delightfully protect their device with a unique and elegant case.

We have carefully selected, what we believe to be, the best of each collection for you to be able to co-ordinate your lifestyle and keep your iPhone protected. 

 Pure Line

Inspired by the dynamic features of the S-Class, combining sport and luxury under one roof, this collection of genuine leather accessories embodies these characteristics.

                         Shop Booktype - iPhone 7                                  Shop Wave Perforated Hard Case iPhone 6/6s
                                                                                                                                                  or iPhone 6 Plus


The emblematic Mercedes-Benz star, engraved in the perforated leather design of these hard cases, grasps the lavish design of the S-Class. The elegant appeal of these cases also provides stylish protection for day-to-day use.

 Natural Line

Created to replicate the refined trim of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class dashboard, this collection embodies the simple elegant details of the distinctive and luxurious car interior.

Shop Black Poplar & Aluminum Hard Case - iPhone 6/6s       Shop Brown Myrtle & Brushed Aluminium

To capture the characteristic wood trims of an S-Class, this hard case is made with a high-gloss wood plate and aluminium.

 Dynamic Line

The aggressive and high performance characteristics of Mercedes-Benz, offers a unique and impressive line of upper sports car. Most of these powerful cars have a fine carbon fibre finishes and luxurious metallic paint that has inspired this line protective cases.

Shop Metallic Hard Case - iPhone 6/6s

Inspired by the bodywork of a Mercedes-Benz, these metallic plated hard cases resemble the fine metallic paint finish found on these luxurious vehicles.



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