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Emoji's - Everything you need to know and look forward to...

Emoji's - Everything you need to know and look forward to...

The Power Of Emoji is now massive! Used in almost every communication app or software. The likely hood is if you are sending some form of electronic message emoji's will be available to use.

Why have these taken the world by storm? It's probably the worlds first truly global form of communication. It’s a very intuitive language. Because emoji are visual representations of emotional expressions, they’re easy to pick up. The average six-year-old child in the UK is more tech-savvy than the average 45-year-old. Its actually now so big that Sony & Columbia Pictures are releasing the first emoji movie in August 2017.

The question that everyone asks - who creates the emojis? Who actually comes up with the Poo emoji....The answer is not so exciting but some interesting facts! A consortium of companies which include the likes of Apple & Google who collectively consider proposed emojis from anyone. It takes about 18 months to review and once approved the standard of emoji is established. It's then down to each software company to set their own format. For example, the Gun emoji is represented by Samsung as a Revolver however Apple have represented it as a Water Gun.

Globally we send around six billion emoji on a daily basis. Of the six billion emoji that are sent globally every day, around 70% are emotion based – for example, smiley face, love hearts. A smaller proportion of the emoji sent are sad expressions. This should be heartening.

Now for the fun stuff!!!!!! After some further research we have found certain country groups use certain emojis more:

  • Canadians use the poo emoji the most.
  • Australians have a higher use of alcohol and vacation-based emoji.
  • The French use love hearts four times more than anybody else.
  • Russians tend to use more romantic-themed emoji than other nations.
  • Arabic speaking countries tend to use more flower emoji.
  • The British favour the beer emoji.

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