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These are the 14 WORST Phone Cases ever made...

These are the 14 WORST Phone Cases ever made...

Ok, we have curated a list of some of the worst cases ever made. Adjectives that jump to mind are ugly, awful, pointless, useless... you get the picture. Much like a Chocolate teapot, they are all pretty much useless.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you feel we have missed something that well and truly should be listed here, please do get in touch and let us know.

Anyway, on with the show. 


14 - Pinball Case.

Coming in at number 14, we have the pinball case. At first look it seems entertaining but imagine carrying this around with you all the time...

13- Nose holder Case.

Hard to describe this one, we can only assume this is the first attempt to create a pickers dream case. Are you a picker? Not for us thank you.

12- Boobs Case.

The clear concept for this case was protection. We think they went a bit overboard. There is no other reason for this case.

11- Giant Ear Case.

A sure fire way to hear who's calling you. He sure looks happy, perhaps it's the inventor in the photo.

10 - Chicken Leg Case.

We have no words for this one. If only chicken drumsticks were that big.

9 - English Breakfast.

You can have the same impact if you attach a label on your back saying you are British. I'm a little peckish now. 

8 - Pearl Case.

Where do all those Christmas decorations end up? Stuck to the back of this monstrosity.

7- Banana Case.

Please avoid visiting a Zoo with this one. Just for health & safety. Unconventionally large... 

6 - Bath Case.

Ok, we quite like this one but thats because bath's are nice, right? A case too far perhaps.

5- Hand Case.

Please, if someone sees anyone using this one, just give them a hug. They need it. 

4 - Half Cat Case.

This explains why some people don't like cats. This case transforms an adorable, cute animal into something quite frightening. The bell is there to alert you to run.

3 - Mug Case

No, No and No. Wrong on all levels. Wait, it actually looks quite useful...

2 - Case of Pain

I guess this case can make sense if you want to increase your signal or tenderise a steak.

1- Booty Call.

Why have we crowned this one as the winner? Not because of the clever pun. Someone out there conceived the idea, believed it was a good one and then brought it to life. How many did they have produced, rumour has it at just over 500,000. Yep, half a million of these things floating around our planet. 

There are so many more examples we could include in our list but we can all conclude that if you have one of these cases, please remove it now and have a look at our range.
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