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Chaos iPhone Cases

Chaos iPhone Cases

The new collection of iPhone cases from Chaos are causing a stir amongst the A-list community. Their stylish cases are becoming a must have phone case for those in the public eye and with the customisable processes you can stand out from the crowd.


The cool iPhone cases designed in London are the designs of Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall have got the industry all a buzz. Covered in deer skin and then personalised the cases stand out in a crowded market and are available in a range of colours and styles to suit the individual.

Ouch. The cost of the iPhone cases are £160 but being well crafted and carrying that designer edge they are the must have iPhone case in 2017.

There is also the chance to add further personalisation through the charms. Expensive iPhone cases are not new and we’ve always loved of brands such as The Case Factory. Lets face it if you ware spending £1000 on your smartphone and it’s your prized possession a two bob case from eBay is not going to cut it.

CHAOS is producing this new breed of super-glossy, punk-infused accessories that are both practical and covetable with a bit of tongue in cheek. With the likes of Alexa Chung already spotted with one we fully expect this to lead to great things for the London based iPhone company


The cases available are for all of the latest iPhones including iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Expect to see these in the hands of those in the know about designer iPhone cases.



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