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CES 2017 - What to Expect

CES 2017 - What to Expect

CES 2017 – What should we expect?

Another year has closed and 2017 is upon us. The beginning of the New Year doesn’t just mean it’s time for resolutions it’s also time for revolution. CES is underway in Las Vegas with around 200,000 people swooping in from all over the world to be part of the technology industry’s incredible and biggest showcase. This year CES turns 50 and the floor will be flooded with a huge array of products and services that would have never been believed in 1967 when CES first opened its doors. We can expect to see everything from new and improved self-driving cars, swarms of camera drones and voice-controlled personal assistants…Welcome to 2017.

Of course we can expect to see  tech that has previously been displayed at CES but we can anticipate that they will have matured and developed into something more impressive.

Here are some insights into the categories believed to dominate the show this year…

  1. Smart Home Tech

We can almost guarantee smart home tech will be in abundance this year. More devices and home appliances will become useable with Wi-Fi – everything from your kitchen bin to your lightbulbs (no we aren’t joking). Whether or not this is entirely useful or not is completely up to you!

  1. Self-Driving and Electric Cars

Just as CES comes to a close we see the North American International Auto Show start, yet we have seen more of a spotlight on car tech at CES in recent years. We can expect to see plenty of self-driving and electric car technology at this year’s show. We are anticipating updates from industry leaders such as BMW, Ford, Nissan and more.

  1. TVs will get bigger, better and brighter!

Every year TV screens seem to increase in size and this year will be no exception! Industry leaders Samsung, Sony and up-and-coming brands like TCL are going to be showcasing LCD-based tech, such as quantum dot, which is being designed to usurp OLED – the king of picture quality. Don’t forget to expect some demos of ridiculously cool next-gen display tech and some swanky projectors.

  1. A plethora of new Laptops

For some reason  there are very little PC vendors on the showfloor at CES but keep an eye out for a substantial number of new laptops and laptop/tablet hybrids this year from Dell, Lenovo and more.

We can certainly say that there will be an abundance of other cool tech, such as Robots, Drones, AI, VR and new audio solutions and we can't wait to see the best of it all! Roll on CES 2017…

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