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All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has many tweaks and upgrades from the previous S10 Plus. The camera is the most upgraded feature, with larger sensors that will allow for better photos. The telephoto lens has a 3x optical zoom instead of 2x zoom.


This device has a 6.7-inch screen, which is larger than the previous Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It’s not quite as big as the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy S20 looks more generic with its design. The four-camera has shifted to the top-left side of the phone, which seems to be a popular placement on smartphones in 2019 and 2020.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is available in several colours; Cloud Blue, Cosmic Grey and Cosmic Black. This means that the pink colour is limited to the smaller S20.


5G compatible, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is also available for 4G too in the UK. It can be charged via the USB-C port or through wireless charging. It’s not known yet which is the fastest so you can make the choice. 


Top phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus


If you’ve recently purchased or are looking to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, you’ll want a fantastic case to protect it.


Terrapin Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Low Profile PU Leather Wallet Case - Black Carbon Fibre Texture



This Terrapin leather wallet case provides the perfect protection for your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. It offers slim and understated protection with sophistication. Shielding the front and back of your phone, it means your device is less susceptible to everyday hazards such as scratches, dirt and drops. This case also includes credit card slots, meaning that you can keep all your personal belongings in one handy place.


Eiger North Case for Samsung Galaxy S20+ in Black



This Eiger North case consists of a two-layer design to help protect against impacts and shocks. The TPU shell provides your phone with shock protection whilst the outer case protects your phone from any drops or impacts. It has a non-slip finish, which makes it comfortable to grip and protective buttons that are easy to operate. The raised edges also help to protect your screen from damaging surfaces.


View all Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus cases here.

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