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3 bestselling brands on Case Hut

3 bestselling brands on Case Hut

Here are 3 of the bestselling brands on Case Hut


Through Case Hut, we offer a large variety of phone cases and brands. All the brands are diverse in their own way and provide different levels of protection. Below, we talk through our three bestselling brands and why you should purchase them.


Urban Armor Gear (UAG)


With phone cases that have met the Military Standard for drop and shock protection, UAG provide some of the best phone cases for those who enjoy the outdoors. Seeking adventure and travelling the world, ensure your phone has the best protection with a UAG phone case. Their cases are made up of several layers and hold extra defence in the corners. Great for those who love extreme activities, UAG will not let you down with their reinforced and tough phone cases. There are many designs to choose from and each has its own reason to buy it.


Check out our collection of Urban Armor Gear cases here.




Know that your phone is safe in a Rokform case. Made with a high-impact outer shell and a soft inner shell that is reinforced at the corners to absorb impact, Rokform phone cases are great if you spend time doing sports. One of Rokform’s best phone case features it the magnet ability. This allows you to magnetically attach you phone to many surfaces. Furthermore, Rokform also provide a mountable phone case. Attach your phone to any mountable surface, such as your car dashboard, your bike or a stroller. Enjoy hands-free convenience on the go with a Rokform phone case.


Check out our collection of Rokform cases here.




Give your phone the sleek and slim look it needs with a Terrapin phone case. Experience a soft touch with a sophisticated look. With no extra bulk added to your phone in a Terrapin phone case, you’ll be able to continue slipping it into your pocket with ease. Curated for a precise fit, Terrapin offers full body protection in a slim and bulk-free way whilst enhancing your phone’s aesthetics. These cases deliver daily protection against impacts, scratches and dust. Get yours now.


Check out our collection of Terrapin cases here.

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