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2 of the best phone case brands for females

2 of the best phone case brands for females

For all those females out there looking for the best phone case brands, then look no further than Case-Mate and Coconut Lane. Here at Case Hut, we stock both of these incredible brands. Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a friend, both of these brands offer beautiful and well-crafted designs that appeal to your feminine side. See our review of Case-Mate and Coconut Lane below to help you make your decision on your next phone case.




Case-Mate phone cases are some of the most stylish and unique cases in the market. With their intricate and beautiful designs, Case-Mate is one of the leading brands when it comes to protecting your device. Some of their cases are built to withstand drops from varying heights on different surfaces whilst maintaining the quality and condition of your device. Case-Mate produces phone case designs using premium materials, ensuring that your phone is protected without compromising its style. We’ve picked out a couple of our favourite Case-Mate designs below.


The Case-Mate Brilliance phone case is the perfect party case for your device. You definitely won’t go unnoticed with the sparkle of this case. Shine bright with all the beautiful rose gold crystals and elegance this case has to offer.

The Karat Petals case by Case-Mate is beautifully designed. It is made up of dried flowers and metallic pieces, which are then placed in a clear resin, producing an elegant and stylish design. All ports are accessible and the sleek design means there’s minimal bulkiness.


Coconut Lane


Coconut Lane’s phone cases bring that ‘girl boss’ vibe to your device. With a variety of class and sass, their phone cases are created for the dreamers and believers, adding exotic flare to your lives. Coconut Lane aims to inspire and motivate all those girls out there to follow their dreams and become their own ultimate girl boss. We’ve chosen two of our favourite designs below.


The Avocado phone case by Coconut Lane brings a sense of joy and fun to your life. Accessorise your phone with this case and avo cuddle. Made from soft flexible plastic, this phone case will not compromise the slim design of your device.


Coconut Lane’s Sisterhood phone case supports and empowers women. The cool design makes anything seem possible for all those girls out there who wish to become a successful and empowering woman themselves.


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