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Return of the Razr?

Return of the Razr?

Many of us will remember the Motorola Razr which was originally released in 2004 when skinny flip phones were a fashion statement. 
The Razr was promoted by big names 
and it rapidly became the world's best selling flip phone and one of the 10 most popular of all time! Although the Razr is significantly underpowered in comparison to today's market offerings, it brings back fond memories for many. 
(Remember when they collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana and created this gold number!)
If you're someone who would love for the return of simpler times and sexy slim flip phones, it might be round the corner! Motorola has hinted that the Razr could make a return to the market. 
A video on YouTube shows a group of students using their Razr phones at a school in the States. The video's title is '06.09.16' which highlights the date Motorola is due to hold. The caption for the video is 'Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future - TTLY.' (TTLY being text lingo for Talk To You Later.)
The video could just be a nostalgia trip to help drive some interest in the event (and remind us of a better time when Motorola once made the world’s must-have phone). To be honest, it has probably done it's job if that's the case as we are very interested in seeing what Motorola has to offer now come June 9th!
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