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Apple's New iPhone SE

Apple's New iPhone SE

One of the year’s most highly anticipated tech releases was the arrival of Apple's new iPhone SE (Special Edition). Apple went backwards instead of forwards on the design of this phone and kept the original 5/5s shell. This means that the new iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen again and is less slim-line than their newer models (iPhone 6S/6 Plus.)

Some more features of the new phone include a 12mp iSight camera and an A9 64 bit processor. This means the phone is capable of taking 12 megapixel photos and 4k videos as well as having a much higher performance rate than the iPhone 5/5S with 2x faster CPU performance and 3x faster GPU performance.

The iPhone SE is basically the shell of a 5 with similar internals to the iPhone 6S, making it Apple’s smallest, most powerful and cheapest new smartphone.  

The phones are available to order with either a 16GB memory or a 64GB memory from March 24th 2016 and they will be available from March 31st 2016. Prices for the new iPhone start from £359 for 16GB and £439 for 64GB.

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