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Rumour Has It... The iPhone 7

Rumour Has It... The iPhone 7

You have probably heard that Apple are releasing the new iPhone 7 later this year and as always there are plenty of rumours circulating online about what we should expect from their latest model. Below we take a look at 5 of these rumours and share our thoughts.

Rumour 1.  The Release Date.

The first rumour to be addressed is whether or not Apple will release in September, as they have done for previous new models. The iPhone 6 was announced on September 9th 2014 and proceeded to hit shelves on September 19th. We don’t see why Apple would stray from this pattern, although they do have a penchant for making unexpected changes to keep us all on our toes.

Rumour 2. Will it be Waterproof?

Now this would be fantastic. I’m sure a large number of us have dropped our beloved iPhone in the bath, a puddle or even the toilet at some point? I know some of us over at Case Hut have fallen victim to water before! So we at Case Hut are really hoping Apple will come through on this one. At least then the phrase ‘A Little bit of rain never hurt anyone’ can finally feel true…

Rumour 3. Wireless?!

Wireless charging and wireless headphones!? Wireless charging will supposedly make it easier for us to charge our iPhone without the worry of finding a plug close enough to a bedside table or reasonably situated surface. This could be a pretty cool addition as it is suggested this will be kept alongside the good old traditional wire charging. On the other hand, we aren’t too sure how we feel about only having the option to have wireless headphones. Yes, headphone wires are the bane of our lives, so this one makes us feel a little torn. A big deciding factor would be whether Apple are going to be including some swanky new headphones for us with the phone and whether or not we will be any good at keeping track of their whereabouts....

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones - Black Sport £169.95 from Apple

Rumour 4. Thinner lightning port?

This is sort of expected with the design of the phone supposedly being thinner yet again! This isn’t much of an issue until you go round to your friends with your new iPhone 7 and they only have the 5 charger to hand…

Rumour 5. Dual Camera Lens on the Plus…!? 

Last, but definitely not least is the rumour that the 7 Plus is set to have a dual camera lens. Madness! We like this idea though as it’s always great to be able to take sharp images on our phones to share with our millions of Instagram and Facebook followers

Dual Camera Concept
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