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Art outside of the Metropolis

Art outside of the Metropolis


Have you ever heard of the Jerwood Gallery? It is a lesser known art collection, currently housed in relatively new build, modernist gallery in Hastings.  It opened in 2012, features contemporary British art and cost £4m to build. We adore the idea that high culture is no longer reserved for cloistered capitals and clustered cities. National galleries are beginning to lift their heads above the parapet of the constant tourist trade offered in London, have opened branches nationwide in typically old seaside holiday destinations. 


'the place smells of just-landed fish sold in little shops, or the fried and battered sort in some fine fish-and-chip restaurants. Ice cream and rock vendors are inserted into odd slivers of space...the building doesn't try to dominate, overwhelm or out-dazzle its surroundings, but nor does it patronise them.' - rowan moore for the observer newspaper.



The building was designed by Hana Loftus and Tom Grieve of Hat Projects and the permanent collection includes people like Nicholson, Brangwyn, Sickert amongst others. It was funded by the London-based Jerwood Foundation (a privately funded charity) and the land it's built on was donated by the local council (an old coach park). Definitely another reason why we do love to be by the seaside – even on a cold winters day!

Images courtesy of The Guardian & Hat Project
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